Write App Reviews Review: Is Write App Reviews Legit Or A Big Scam?

Write App Reviews review | Is Write App Reviews legit?
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Welcome to my Write App Reviews review, it is a testing app or reviewing platform. How does it works, and is Write App Reviews legit or scam? These are the most commonly searched queries.

This review investigates if the platform is legit or just a ClickBank scam. Discover everything you need to know to determine if this system is right for you and learn the secrets of online earning.

In this article, I’ll provide Write App Reviews review which will include:

  1. What is Write App Reviews
  2. How does Write App Reviews Work?
  3. Write App Reviews pros and cons, and more.
  4. Is Write App Reviews legit?
  5. Is Write App Reviews a scam?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Write App Reviews. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

Write App Reviews Overview

Website: writeappreviews.com
Founder: Unknown
Cost: $27 + Upsells
Industry: Make Money Online Reviewing Apps
Main Features: Testing App

What is Write App Reviews?

Write App Reviews is a newly launched product on ClickBank that claims to assist users in earning money online by writing reviews for mobile applications.

The program offers a simple three-step process that involves selecting an app, writing a review, and earning money. It is marketed as a website where individuals can earn $25-$35 per hour by testing and reviewing apps on their smartphones or tablets.

Write App Reviews is similar to App Coiner and has been created by the same group of people who developed Social Sale Rep and Paying Social Media Jobs.

While the process of earning money by writing app reviews is legitimate, it is not as easy as Write App Reviews makes it out to be. The program may not be detailed enough to provide users with the correct information, and it is essential to understand how it works before investing in it.

How Does Write App Reviews Work?

Earn money by reviewing apps through Writing App Reviews program, which offers a quick and easy process.
Step 1: Setup your App Review website

Set up your App Review website using an already finished “done for you” (DFY) platform that allows you to post reviews and earn money through ads, signups, and downloads. Simply register for affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank and JVZoo.

Step 2: Test apps and write reviews

Test apps and write reviews by logging into the Write App Reviews website and selecting an app from the wide range available in the database. Write your thoughts and rate the app on a scale of 1 to 5.

Ensure your review is at least 500 words to rank in search engines and gain free organic traffic. Finally, publish your review on the Write App Reviews website to start earning money.

Step 3: Get Paid

Earn money with Write App Reviews through three methods which are banner clicks, email sign-ups, and app downloads. To begin, create affiliate accounts with ClickBank and JVZOO. Your ClickBank ID or JVZoo ID will be visible on your website’s banner ads, email lists, and app download buttons once your accounts are established.

Every time a visitor to your site clicks on a banner, signs up for an email list, or downloads an app, you will earn money. Moreover, if someone buys a product through the links on your site, you will receive a commission.

Write App Reviews Pros and Cons

Write App Reviews Pros

  1. Cheap and covered by ClickBank money-back guarantee.
  2. Get bonus training when completing the advanced training. The bonus includes a training module and resources to get money by writing.
  3. You can obtain a “Done-For-You” website that is fully functional for reviewing applications.
  4. Basic grammar is the only professional skill needed.

Write App Review Cons

  1. Even if there is important information on the module, you can find modules free at no cost on the internet.
  2. Unrealistic promise. You’re led to believe can earn $25-$35 per hour by reviewing and downloading apps can be misleading. To make money, you need to rank your reviews, which requires traffic generation skills like SEO and PPC. Additionally, you must create original content, include affiliate links and banners, and attract at least 500 visitors per day to your website to have a chance at making any money.
  3. The URL of the content you create will be hosted on their site. So the URL  will be www.[your domain name].freshappreiews.com. There will no many people who believe in the content and click on the site due to the domain is not unique and does not look credible.

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Is Write App Reviews Legit? Is Write App Reviews Scam? | Write App Reviews Review

Before deciding whether Write App is legit or not, I’ll explain Write App’s red flags. So you can the answer of “Is Write App legit?” will be more reasonable.

Write App claims to offer an effortless method of earning cash, which may appear too good to be true when compared to the difficulties of a typical job.

To be impartial, the Write App Reviews program does not appear to be a phony expert scheme that guarantees luxurious living and fancy cars.

Nevertheless, this does not necessarily imply that Write App Reviews is a worthwhile product. Here are some red flags from Write App:

  1. The Write App Reviews sales funnel contains various upsells after the initial $27 payment. These upsells may be beneficial and accelerate success, and some individuals may not be bothered by them.
  2. Limited information about the owner.
  3. Claiming that earning money through this program is effortless and suggesting that traffic generation is automated can be deceptive. However, the reality is that generating traffic requires effort on your part.
  4. They claimed to earn easy money through the Write App Reviews system only requires downloading apps, writing 500-word reviews, and leaving the SEO and traffic generation to them. This system promises an hourly rate of $25-$35. However, the reality is that without sufficient knowledge in SEO and PPC, this system will not be fruitful.
  5. The identity of the creator of Write App Reviews is unknown, which is atypical for scams that typically conceal their identities using fake names and Fiverr actors to appear genuine. The reason for the lack of disclosure by the owners of Write App Reviews is uncertain, but it could be due to a desire to distance themselves and their company from a poor-quality offering.
  6. Although the product of the platform is decent, generating traffic to the DFY site requires significant effort. The DFY site offers various apps and guidelines on reviewing them, but the platform doesn’t educate users about SEO or first-page search engine ranking. Without this knowledge, reviewing might not meet the desired results.

From those red flags mentioned about Write App Reviews, the platform may be not a scam, however, I don’t recommend this platform to be your side hustle. You can find better alternatives in which the system is more transparent, provide you a details guide, and worth your time.

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Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online? | Write App Reviews Alternative

Write App reviews are comparable to affiliate marketing, which is an ideal option for beginners in online business. Out of all the online business models, affiliate marketing is the simplest and most profitable.

With affiliate marketing, you can establish a sustainable and steady passive income to cover your expenses with minimal expenses. There is no need for any initial investment, and it can even be done as a side gig.

You can try Amazon Associates to start your affiliate marketing. Amazon Affiliate, also known as Amazon Associates, is a program that allows website owners and bloggers to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products on their websites. But you can promote the product through Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media that you have.

Amazon Associates is a credible program for several reasons that are highly searched, such as:

  1. Trusted Brand
  2. Easy to Join
  3. Large Selection of Products
  4. Transparent Reporting
  5. Timely Payments
  6. Strong Support

Overall, Amazon Affiliate is a trusted program that has been around for many years and is trusted by millions of people worldwide.


Write App Reviews Review: Make Real Money By Testing Apps? [Reveal The Truth]

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