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My name is Wina Santika. I’m an MBA graduate and search engine evaluator. I love to write an article, especially about personal finance and blogging tips. I also love creating beautiful organizational printables.

Through this blog, I hope you can get beautiful printables, side hustles, blogging tips information, and information about personal finance such as making money, budgeting, saving, and financial literacy based on experience, learning, and exploration. I love to share information that can be beneficial to others.

The goal of FinancialBinder.com is to provide you with well-written articles that are based both on experience and research.

I am not a certified financial adviser, but I am an MBA graduate and a dedicated blogger who is passionate about personal finance, side hustle, and blogging tips. As a result, the content I write is original and unique, and I hope it will be helpful! This blog will be my personal finance and blogging diary.

“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.” ― Robert Kiyosaki