Is Social Sale Rep Legit? [Reveal The Truth + Review]

Social sale rep review: Is Social sale rep legit?
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If you’re looking for a side hustle to earn extra money, there are tons of making money online platforms that will help you to get money. The task is various such as completing a survey, completing a project, translating, selling stuff, doing micro jobs, working as a freelancer to sell your service, and more.

Social Sale Rep is one of the platforms to help you to earn extra money online. However, is Social Sale Rep Legit, worth your time, or just wasting time and a scam?

Through this post, I will share information about making money using Social Sale Rep platform, and explain whether Social Sale Rep is legit or a scam. The information in this article is based on my own opinion and some sources from my research.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Social Sale Rep. This articles is written based on my honest opinion and personal research.

Social Sale Rep Review | Overview

  • Product Type: Social Sale Rep
  • Owners: Unknown
  • Price: $1 for 3 days, then $47 a month
  • Refund: 60 days
  • Rating: 0.5/5
  • Final Verdict: I don’t recommend the platform to earn easy money.

What is Social Sale Rep?

Social sale rep is a platform that offers a training program for live chat and job databases. If you thought that Social sale rep will directly hire you or find you a job, it’s not like you thought.

You should apply for jobs by yourself, and every job has requirements such as experience, specific training, degree, skills, and more.

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

There are three programs and jobs provided by the Social sale rep, which are marketing and promotion campaigns, programs or courses, and live chat assistant jobs.

Social sale rep provides you with a list of remote jobs, however, you must apply for them by yourself. You should know that there are many people who are applying for the same job as you, which means the opportunity to get the job is tough.

You have to know that Social sale rep offers training to make your job applications stand out that draw potential clients. So if you think that Social sale rep will directly hire you, then you’re mistaken.

So if you expect to get easy money through Social sale rep, you must find other alternatives such as paid online surveys, micro jobs, or freelancing.

Is Social Sale Rep Legit? Is Social Sale Rep Scam?

When you go to the website, you’ll see a video that explains everything about Social sale rep, how it works, and maybe all information you need. The website is almost 6 years old, however, the information about the website is limited because it’s not so popular.

You might be asking whether Social sale rep is legit or a scam because the review and information is not much available on the internet. So here I’ll try to collect information and share my opinion based on my experience with Social sale rep.

When you go to the website, there will be some sort quiz or question that you should complete. Once you complete the quiz, you’ll be offered a Live Chat Assistant job, which is earning $25 – $35 per hour.

You have to create an account on Social sale rep by providing your name and email. Once you complete creating your account, you will not be given a job as a live chat assistant, but they offer you to join a course to get a certification. The cost of the course is around $99 per month, however for some people, the course is only $1. You should join the course to get a job offer from Social sale rep.

Based on the details explained above, I assume that Social sale rep is not trying to help you make easy money by providing jobs, however, they are only trying to sell courses. This means that Social sale rep is not a legit website to make money. There are a lot of better alternatives to choose.

Social Sale Rep Pros and Cons

Social Sale Rep Sale Pros

  • Provide curated job postings with filters that make it easier to search for jobs.
  • Get a list of job sites, a set of general online courses, and instructions on how to sign up for them and begin working online.
  • Remote job opportunity to work as a live chat assistant.
  • Offer trial for three days with a cost of only $1 (this offer may not always be available)
  • Provide a 60-day refund policy

Social Sale Rep Cons

  • The course is only available in text format, there is no interactive video or audio.
  • The material or training modules of the course is generic, basic, and need updating.
  • There is no community, updates, or events for people who join the program, so according to me, it’s not so worth it.


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