4 Ways To Make Money on Pinterest With and Without a Blog in 2024

Make money on Pinterest
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Hi, welcome to my blog post “4 Ways To Make Money on Pinterest With and Without a Blog in 2024”

Pinterest is one of the popular image-based social media networks.
Using Pinterest, users and businesses can promote and explore their interests.
They can do promotion activities by pinning videos and photos on bulletin boards.

Have you ever thought to make money through Pinterest by using that method?
You might have been thinking about this.

There are two popular ways you can do to make money on Pinterest.
The first one is making money with a blog and another one is without a blog. You can start it without any experience.
You just need to be consistent and persistent.

Make Money on Pinterest With a Blog

I am not an expert on this, but I will share the tips step by step.
If you don’t have a blog, you can start to make a free blog or, a paid blog.
However, I suggest you make a paid blog because people will take you more seriously than a free blog.

After creating a blog, you have to write content that is helpful and appropriate based on your niche.
I suggest you choose a niece that you enjoy.
So you can keep creating content without feeling bored.

The next step is to sign up for a Pinterest business account.
It is free to sign up and use the platform.
Complete your information like a professional, so your Pinterest will look credible.

You can start to develop boards and pins.
I suggest you use Canva to create attractive posts.

Canva has tons of free and paid templates.
Don’t forget to add the keyword to your pin and board.
Create pin boards consistently for every month.

After getting your blog and Pinterest account set up well.
You must be persistent and consistent to create great content.
So, you can increase viewers to your blog with good content and eye-catching pins.

The last step is using AdSense and an affiliate to start making money by displaying ads on your blog.
Otherwise, you can use Pinterest to direct viewers to your blog by using affiliating products or services.
Using Canva to make attractive affiliating pins, so will drive massive traffic to your blog.

Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

1. Affiliate marketing: Make Money on Pinterest

If you don’t have time to make a blog, you can still make money using Pinterest.
You can put an affiliate link directly to your Pinterest pin.
So, the link will take users directly to the product or service that you are promoting.

However, you must beware of this method due to there are some businesses, such as Amazon, that do not allow you to use Pinterest as media for affiliating.
You must learn about the applicable provisions of the products or services that you want to affiliate with.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, the followings are the steps:

  1. Go to the e-commerce or any commercial product or service. You can input the keywords on the browser “affiliate – (name of eCommerce/commercial company)”, for example, affiliate – Flipcart.
  2. Find the affiliate menu, and register by following the instructions given by the site.
  3. They will give you an affiliate link. Put your link on the Pinterest Pin. 
  4. You can utilize free features on Canva to make attractive and persuasive pins. 
  5. Post your pin on your board.

2. Pinterest virtual assistant: Make Money on Pinterest

The second method of making money using Pinterest without a blog is Pinterest Virtual Assistant.
There might be business or experienced bloggers who have no time to maintain their Pinterest accounts.
It is a good opportunity to take.

Create a portfolio of how you manage your Pinterest account.
Promote your service through freelancer websites like Fiverr.
Additionally, you can contact directly through the website you want to collaborate with.

Also, you can go to the Facebook community.
Find a Pinterest community on Facebook, and promote your service through a digital poster. 

3. Pinterest to promote and sell: Make Money on Pinterest

If have your own product such as digital templates, printables, crafts, e-books, items for decorating, apparel, or accessories, you can utilize Pinterest as a promotion tool.
Create a Pinterest pin for your product, and post it on your board.

Also, you can promote your service through Pinterest.
Create a Pinterest pin that explains your service.
Don’t forget to insert the email on your Pinterest account, so anyone who is interested can easily contact you. 

Additionally, you can insert links to your product or service, such as a Fiverr profile link or your shop on eCommerce.

Create a Pinterest Pin with a theme or image of the product or service you want to promote.
Don’t forget to create an attractive and persuasive pin with Canva or other design apps. 


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