5 Ways to Make Money on Audible (With Details)

How To Make Money On Audible [5 Ways]
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Hey there, welcome to my blog post “5 Ways to Make Money on Audible (With Details)”

How to earn money on Audible is a popular keyword that appears on Google search engines. However, before I explain the way to make money on Audible, I’ll explain what Audible is.  Audible is one of the most popular producers of audiobooks and digital publications. They have a professional, celebrity narrator and a great feature that makes users keep coming back to using the platform.

Audible has been part of Amazon since 2008. Until now, it has more than 3,000,000 titles released. In addition, it has a variety of features that are prepared to meet the needs of its users.

Audiobooks are booming, they offer passive income opportunities for creators. Through Audible, you can make money online with audiobooks and podcasts. The other ways to make money online using Audible are referral, affiliate, creating audiobooks, and spoken-word entertainment. Furthermore, you can narrate others’ works to make money. So, Audible is such as big opportunity and treasure that you have to explore.

There are various options to get money from Audible such as joining affiliate programs, referrals, and making your audiobooks.

There are tons of potential that you should dig on Audible and get a lot of money.

Can You Make Money On Audible?

Yes, you can earn a lot of money from Audible. There are many options that you can choose to earn money from the platform.

If you can write, create art, or don’t have any skills, you still can make money from Audible. You can utilize all methods offered by Audible and get a lot of money. 

However, many people fail to make money from the platform. This can be caused by several factors such as inconsistency, giving up quickly, or some factors beyond our control.

Working smart, planning, and executing your strategy is key to making a lot of money. That should be your basis for making money on Audible.

How to Make Money on Audible?

1. How To Make Money On Audible By Audible Affiliate Program

This method is the easiest way to make money online on Audible. You just simply put your affiliate link to promote products or services. Then, if users come to the landing page due to your affiliate link. you will get a commission. You will be paid via bank deposit e or check. The following are steps on how to make money on Audible through the affiliate program:

  1. Sign up on Audible
  2. Get your affiliate link
  3. After getting your affiliate link, promote your free trial on any media you have such as Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, or your website, and sign up as many as people
  4. Your listeners will get a free audiobook for 30 days (trial).
  5. You will earn $15 per free trial when someone joins Audible through your link
  6. You also will get a commission on any audiobook and others’ purchases through your link
  7. get paid for each month. You can cash it out it when reaching a minimum of $30 through a check or direct deposit.

2. How To Make Money On Audible By Creating And Selling Audiobooks On Audible

If you can create audiobooks, it will be a great opportunity. Furthermore, you can choose what topic you are comfortable with such as fiction or non-fiction. The price of audiobooks is about $15 to $25. To create an audiobook you can take 5 steps as follows:

  • Find profitable keywords. You must find out topics that people are interested in. So that you will have a market to sell your audiobook.
  • Start writing a book. You can start writing a book based on keywords that you’ve searched. However, if you struggle to write a book yourself, you still have the option to hire a ghostwriter. You can hire them through popular freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, or ProBlogger.
  • Create an Interesting Cover. If you have skill in graphic design, you can create it by yourself. However, if you don’t have skills in graphic design, you still can make it for free using Canva. Otherwise, if you have extra money to spend, you can hire someone on a freelancer platform such as Upwork or Fiverr to create a cover for you.
  • Hire a Narrator. If you have narrating skills, you can do it by yourself. Otherwise, you can hire a narrator for your book. You can find the narrator through freelance platforms, or in ACX. ACX has a list of experienced narrators. Through ACX you can use filters to choose categories of narrators like female/male, language, and accent. You can also listen to their portfolio or do an audition to narrate your book. It costs about $100 to $300 per finished hour.
  • Publish and Promote. ACX will give 50 codes that you can promote to your friends and family. So, they can download the audiobook for free. It counts as a sale. Your book will rank higher on Audible if you get more sales, resulting in more sales (real). Then, you can promote your audiobook on any medium you have such as social media, YouTube, or a blog. 

That’s how you can make money on Audible by creating audiobooks that you can try to earn money.

3. How To Make Money On Audible By Selling Audible Products and Services

The other option to make money on Audible is selling its products and services. How to make money on Audible by selling Audible products and services? here we go, I’ll explain to you.

You can record your voice, then upload it to Audible platforms and get a commission for every sale. Hand it to Audible to be promoted.

How to Sell Audible Products and Services?

If you’re not sure about creating a product, another option is to sell audible products/services. You can choose any products and services to sell such as audiobooks, ebooks, and any service you want.

You’ll get a commission for every purchase or trial completed through your promotional link. If you’re familiar with affiliates, this Amazon Associates Program is almost the same.

If you can direct someone with your promotional link to sign up to get a free trial (30 days), Amazon will give you $5. However, you’ll get $10, if someone signs up and subscribes to the Audible premium membership plan. Those all are the steps you can take on how to make money on Audible by selling Audible’s products and services.

4. How To Make Money On Audible By Narrating

Narrating others’ work is the best way to make money online on Audible. If you have good pronunciation and a great voice, this is for you. You can narrate any topic that you are comfortable with. To start this method, you need to sign up for Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). It is Audibel’s self-publishing platform which is a medium to create your audiobook and publish it, then it goes to Audible. After signing up for ACX, complete your profile, then record the book. Furthermore, you must wait for the approval. If your voice gets approved, you can continue to make money by narrating the books. As narrator, you will be paid in three ways as follows:

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  1. Per finished hour (PFH), the whole book will be paid at a flat rate.
  2. Royalty share, the author/rights holder and you split royalties 50/50
  3. Royalty share plush is a combination of both previous methods.

By narrating books, you will get between $500 to $5,000 per month. The result depends on the topic, the length of the audiobook, and your performance. Those all are the steps you can take on how to make money on Audible by narrating.

5. How To Make Money On Audible By Creating a Podcast

If you are talkative and creative, you can create a podcast with topics that catch listeners’ interest. Nowadays, podcast has been popular as an alternative to radio, but with more economical equipment. So, everyone can make podcasts, including you. So, how to make money on Audible with Podcast, here we go.

Through Audible, you can create podcasts discussing any topic that you like and can attract listeners. you will receive royalties for every purchase access to your podcats through Audible. Furthermore, you can get royalties for every download for your podcast show.

To start making podcasts on Audible, you need simply sign up for Audible. Then, you can start to upload your podcasts and make them available to worldwide listeners. Engage them by creating podcasts regularly with a specific topic niche. It is good to make it narrow with high-quality content. Those all are the steps you can take on how to make money on Audible by creating a podcast.

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How To Maximizing Earnings On Audible

Maximizing earnings on Audible can be an important goal for authors, narrators, and publishers who use this platform to distribute and sell audiobooks. Here are some tips for achieving this goal:

  1. Focus on high-quality content: The most important factor in maximizing earnings on Audible is to produce high-quality content that engages and entertains listeners. This includes well-written books with compelling storylines and audiobooks with skilled narrators who bring the characters to life.

  2. Optimize pricing: Setting the right price for your audiobook is important to maximize earnings. Audible has a royalty system that pays authors and publishers based on the price of the book and the length of the audiobook. You may want to experiment with different pricing strategies to find the sweet spot that maximizes your revenue.

  3. Use marketing tools: Audible offers several marketing tools for authors and narrators, such as the ability to create sample clips, author pages, and narrators pages. Utilizing these tools can help increase your visibility and attract new listeners.

  4. Leverage promotional tools: Audible offers a variety of promotional tools to help you reach more listeners and boost your earnings. These include the Audible Bounty Program, which pays a one-time fee for each new subscriber who signs up through your referral link, and the Audible Marketing Services, which offers a range of marketing and advertising services to help you promote your audiobook.

  5. Promote your audiobooks: In addition to using Audible’s marketing tools, you can also promote your audiobooks on social media, through email newsletters, or by running paid advertising campaigns. Consider partnering with book bloggers or influencers who may be interested in reviewing or promoting your audiobooks.

  6. Use social media and other channels: Promoting your audiobook on social media and other channels can help you reach a wider audience and boost your earnings. This can include creating a website or blog to promote your audiobook, using social media platforms like X and Facebook to share updates and engage with listeners, and running targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential customers.

  7. Participate in Audible’s bounty program: Audible’s bounty program offers incentives for authors and narrators who drive new Audible membership sign-ups. Consider promoting your audiobooks through this program to earn additional income.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your earnings on Audible and attract new listeners to your audiobooks.

How to Earn Passive Income From Audible?

Audible is a platform that provides audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment. If you are interested in earning passive income from Audible, here are some ways to do so:

  1. Create Audiobooks: If you have a talent for storytelling or a passion for reading, consider creating your audiobooks. You can record them at home or hire a professional narrator to help you. Once your audiobooks are complete, you can sell them on Audible, where you’ll earn royalties every time someone purchases or listens to your book.

  2. Affiliate Marketing: You can sign up for the Audible affiliate program and promote audiobooks to your audience. If someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and signs up for Audible, you’ll earn a commission. This is a great way to earn passive income without creating your audiobooks.

  3. Royalties from Narration: If you have a good voice and are interested in narrating audiobooks, you can sign up as a narrator on Audible. You’ll be paid a royalty for every audiobook that you narrate and is sold on the platform. This can be a great source of passive income if you enjoy narrating and have a good voice.

  4. Promote Your Audiobooks: Once you have created your own audiobooks, you can promote them on your website or social media platforms. The more exposure your audiobooks get, the more likely people are to purchase and listen to them, which will increase your passive income.

  5. Create a Series: If you have created a successful audiobook, consider turning it into a series. This will create a steady stream of passive income, as people who enjoyed the first book are likely to purchase the subsequent books in the series.

In summary, earning passive income from Audible can be achieved by creating your own audiobooks, promoting them, signing up for the Audible affiliate program, becoming a narrator on Audible, or creating a series.

How to Cancel Audible Membership?: How To Make Money On Audible

If you feel you no longer need audible, you will unsubscribe. However, maybe for some people, the steps to unsubscribe are quite confusing and complex. So, I’ll tell you the steps.
If you signed up using Google Play or Android:
1. Open the “Play Store app”  on your phone and select your “profile picture” in the top right of your screen.
2. Open the “Profile Menu” and then select “Payments and Subscriptions”, and then “Subscriptions”.
3. Find “Audible” in your subscriptions list and then tap “Cancel Subscription“.

If you signed up using iOS / iPhone:
1. Open your “Settings” and then select “(your name)“.
2. Select “Subscriptions” and locate Audible.
3. Select “Cancel Subscription” to stop your Audible membership. However, if you don’t see Subscriptions under your name:
Go to iTunes & App Stores, then, “Sign in“. Find out the “Subscription” settings.

If you signed up using Audible.com:
1. Go to Audible.com
2. Sign in to your “Audible Account” and select “Account Details“.
3. Under the text box containing your current membership info, find “Cancel membership”
4. You will need to answer Audible’s pre-cancellation questions and follow their instructions.

Those all are the steps you can take to cancel Audible membership or to cancel Audible Subscription.

Final Thought: How to Make Money on Audible

Audible is part of Amazon, so it can be said that Audible is a credible platform. So, you don’t need to worry about making money using Audible.

There are 5 ways you can try to make money on Audible, those are joining as an Audible affiliate, creating audiobooks, selling Audible’s products and services, narrating, and creating podcasts.

You can choose one of those methods to make money using Audible, however, to succeed with any method you choose, you must be consistent and persistent. 


This review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

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