ClickASnap Review: Is ClickASnap Legit Or Just Another Scam? [Read This!]

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Learn how to make money with ClickASnap, an online platform for uploading and selling photos. Unlike other photo-selling platforms, ClickASnap pays you every time someone clicks and views your photo, not just when someone purchases it. While this may seem like a great opportunity, it’s important to consider a few factors before diving in.

In this review, you’ll find everything you need to know about selling photos and making money with ClickASnap, including is ClickASnap legit, is ClickASnap scam, ClickASnap’s pros, and cons, how does ClickASnap work, ClickASnap reviews from users, and more.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for ClickASnap. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is a popular photo-sharing website that offers a unique opportunity for photographers to earn money by sharing their photos. Boasting a massive user base of over 44 million viewers and 1 million photographers, ClickASnap is a hub for people interested in buying, selling, and viewing high-quality photos.

To begin earning money from your photos with this service, simply buy one of their subscription packages. The amount you can earn depends on the subscription level you choose, as there are two different ways your photos can generate revenue.

Earning based on views

If your photos receive many views, you can earn money as you will receive 0.006 cents for each view. When someone clicks on your photo, the same amount will be added to your account. Although it may seem insignificant, with a high volume of traffic to your photos, this small amount can accumulate significantly in the long run.

Earning based on sales

If a potential buyer likes a photograph, they can buy and download it for their own use, providing the photographer with a share of the revenue. The buyer can use the photo in various ways, such as posting it on the internet or creating prints.

If you accumulate at least $15 in your account, you can initiate cashouts, which is a simple process dependent on the appeal of the pictures you submit. However, it is imperative that the images are your original content, ideally captured by yourself.

How Does CLickASnap Work?

ClickASnap allows users to exhibit their photography and connect with other members by creating a complimentary account. It is an ideal platform for developing an online portfolio.

Nonetheless, to monetize your photography by earning revenue from photo views or selling your work, you must upgrade to a premium ClickASnap account.

ClickASnap offers three types of premium accounts, including seller and pro-seller accounts, each with unique features and benefits.

ClickASnap Review | Is ClickASnap legit
  • Upload+ plan: you can upload your photos and receive payment for each view.
  • Seller plan: it allows you to earn money per image view, sell your photos as products or digital downloads, and remove website ads for smoother browsing.
  • Pro Seller plan: it includes everything from the regular Seller plan and offers additional benefits such as social media and RSS promotion, credits for more views, unlimited cloud storage, and priority photo placement to gain more exposure.

To earn money on ClickASnap, you must acquire a seller account, which requires payment. The membership fee ranges from $3 to $7 monthly, but an annual payment offers a 40% discount.

ClickASnap Review | Is ClickASnap legit?

ClickASnap Pros and Cons

ClickASnap Pros:

  • You can earn money from views
  • PayPal Payment is available on the platform.
  • You can earn money through photo views, without the need to make actual sales.
  • ClickASnap, a popular platform for photography enthusiasts and photographers
    ClickASnap offers a simple and efficient approach to create a portfolio. It boasts of a substantial following and is a great place to showcase your work.
  • You can sign up for free and try it out for yourself.
  • Withdrawing your earnings is simple and clear
  • Your income will increase based on your skill level
  • Being consistent with your content creation will lead to financial rewards.

ClickASnap Cons:

  • You have to register as a premium member to own a shop on ClickASnap.
  • ClickASnap has a high cash-out requirement of $15.
  • You need to spend time searching for quality photos due to many amateur photos with low quality being uploaded by the users. So CLickASnap needs to set quality standard before accepting the photograph.

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Can You Make Money With ClickASnap?

Yes, you can earn money by selling photos on ClickASnap and also connect with other photographers through its forum to expand your business.

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But the real question is whether ClickASnap can help you make more money compared to other photo sites or build your own site. It’s a complicated answer that depends on the effort and investment you’re willing to put into ClickASnap.

ClickASnap App | ClickASnap Mobile App

ClickASnap doesn’t have a mobile app that you can download on Google Play or App Sore. However, its website is optimized for mobile use, making it convenient to access on mobile devices.

To access the site, you only need a mobile web browser. This feature is particularly useful if you own a high-end mobile device that can capture professional-grade photos (such as the latest iPhone). You can easily take pictures and upload them instantly to the website, making it the ideal situation to leverage the mobile-friendly site.

How Much Does ClickASnap Pay?

ClickASnap claims to offer up to $0.40 per photo and $0.7 per photo view for its starter seller plan. However, this is deceptive as the initial pay rate is only $0.007 per photo view.

To earn $7, you need 1,000 views on your photos, and a paid view is only counted if the viewer spends five or more seconds looking at the photo. Given the low pay-per-view rates, it is difficult to reach the $15 cash-out threshold.

Who Can Join ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is a globally accessible platform that permits individuals worldwide to become members as long as they meet the age requirement of at least 18 years. So if you’re from USA, UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, Rusia and already 28 years old, you can join ClickASnap.

The registration process is straightforward, requiring you to complete a sign-up form or use your social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter. After registration, you can log in, create your profile, and upload photos to start growing your audience.

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ClickASnap Reviews on Trustpilot

ClickASnap Reviews 1 | Positive Reviews

“A video about this popped up on my Facebook feed. Whilst the claims in it were verifiably incorrect (some influencers idea of clickbait) the platform certainly exists and it certainly pays, or at least, it pays me anyhow. I honeslty recommend joining it if you enjoy photography. I have since cancelled my Flickr subscription and moved my portofolio over the Clickasnap”

ClickASnap Reviews 2 | Positive Reviews

“Clickasnap is such a fun site for anyone who enjoys photography.
You can actually get paid for sharing your passion. In addition, you get to meet and enjoy other photographers work. It has actually helped me become a more creative and intuitive photographer. Highly recommend!”

ClickASnap Reviews 1 | Negative Reviews

“Fairly cheap premium for the Pro yearly account but the site is very buggy. I guess they are “upgrading” the site but it does not have a very professional feel right now. Unfortunate it has amature scantily clothed women all over the site”

ClickASnap Reviews 2 | Negative Reviews

“Overall, the new site is an improvement from the old site but it is still very slow loading pages”

Is ClickASnap Legit? Is ClickASnap Scam? | CLickASnap Review

ClickASnap is not a scam, ClickASnap is legit. It has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 and verified company on Trustpilot.

It can provide an opportunity for photographers to earn extra income, but it may not be worthwhile for most. Although the monthly subscription fee of £3 is reasonable, it is advisable to consider more established photo sites that can simply sell your photos, as you will need to build a strong social network and your own site to generate enough traffic and sales on ClickASnap.

However, ClickASnap can still be useful as part of a broader photography strategy, particularly for professional photographers looking to establish a professional account, showcase their work, and collaborate with other photographers. But for amateur photographers seeking to earn money, the effort required to make a significant income is not worth it, given the intense competition and the need to compete with established professionals.

Final Thought on ClickASnap Review

Clickasnap is a genuine platform for users to share their images and receive payment based on the number of views. However, the issue lies in the low pay-per-view rate.

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There are simpler ways to make money than using Clickasnap, and reaching the $15 cash-out threshold may be challenging for most individuals. Nonetheless, it could be profitable for those who accumulate a substantial following and receive thousands of views.

If you have experience using Clickasnap, please share your review in the comments section.

FAQs on ClickASnap Review

How Much Does Clickasnap Pay?

When your account balance reaches $15, you have the option to request a payout, and the payment will be made via PayPal.


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