Money Bingo Review: Is Money Bingo Legit? Or Another Scam? [Read This!]

Money Bingo review, is Money Bingo legit, Money Bingo reviews
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Money Bingo is a popular app that attracts many players who hope to win large cash prizes, as indicated by the app’s name and description. The game motivates players to complete bingo patterns and spin the wheel to win big jackpots.

However, it’s important to note that many people can become addicted to these “money” games, leading them to waste a lot of time trying to cash out. This Money Bingo review article aims to clarify how Money Bingo operates and provide answers to critical questions such as whether Money Bingo is legit or a scam, whether the app pays out, and more information you might need.

This Money Bingo Review will discuss:

  • What is Money Bingo?
  • How does Money Bingo work?
  • How to cash out on Money Bingo?
  • Is Money Bingo Legit? Is Money Bingo scam?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Money Bingo. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

What is Money Bingo?

Money Bingo, a popular Android game, offers free bingo tournaments and the chance to win cash, gift cards, and real-life prizes. Developed by Shang Xiong, the game is available for download on all Android devices without any required in-app purchases. However, it does include ads during gameplay.

On the Google Play Store, Money Bingo has received a commendable 4.4-star rating. Despite this, several user reviews highlight a recurring issue preventing them from claiming their cash winnings.

Similar to Lucky Bingo, Money Bingo is an engaging and addictive game that entices players with the promise of cash rewards. By completing bingo patterns and spinning the wheel, players can win dollars, coins, and puzzle pieces. Free cards are provided to mark the numbers displayed on the top of the screen, aiming to achieve a bingo and activate the wheel for a chance to collect rewards.

The app claims that players can withdraw their money to PayPal after meeting specific requirements, which will be further discussed.

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How Does Money Bingo Work?

Install Bingo Work App

Money Bingo can be downloaded for free from Google Play for Android devices. While no account creation is required to play, it’s crucial to understand that the app may gather personal information.

Additionally, it’s essential to be aware that by using the app, you grant the developer permission to access your storage, including photos, media, and files. Consequently, this action poses a potential threat to your personal data, as the developer could potentially view, alter, or delete your content.

Play Money Bingo

Upon downloading and launching the Money Bingo application on your device, an initial gift of $50 will be credited to your account, serving as a welcome bonus. This gift enables you to participate in cash-based competitions within the app. However, it should be noted that there is no concrete evidence of the Money Bingo app fulfilling payout requests from its users. The welcome gift functions similarly to gems in a bingo game that can be played for free.

The ultimate objective of Money Bingo is to complete the marking of all numbers on your bingo card. To achieve this, listen attentively to the announcer who will call out the bingo numbers and tap on any called number that appears on your card.

Certain spaces on your card will feature special symbols that, when marked, will grant you additional points.

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Once you obtain a bingo, simply tap the designated button to claim it. Bingos are formed by completely marking horizontal, vertical, four corners or diagonal lines on the card. When a bingo is achieved, claim your bingo by tapping the bingo button, and then you’ll be directed to the lucky wheel, where you can win additional points and cash. You have until the timer runs out to complete your card and spin the bingo wheel.

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To Earn More Rewards, You Should:

Doing Task – Money Bingo rewards you with “dollars” and coins through the completion of daily missions like playing bingo multiple times, such as 2, 3, 5, and 15 rounds.

Lucky – In the “Lucky” segment, Money Bingo provides rewards like puzzle pieces and virtual items in exchange for watching videos.

Giveaways – On this platform, you have the option to press the yellow button in order to rotate and acquire various puzzles that can be exchanged for fantastic rewards like MacBook Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20, Sony TV, and other desirable prizes.

Referral by inviting friends – Money Bingo rewards users with points (PT) for inviting friends who complete tasks and watch videos, as well as for referrals made by those friends. The platform provides updates on daily earnings at UTC 10:00 and offers a 50% and 25% share of ad revenue from the first and second referral levels, respectively. Points earned through referrals can be converted into cash through payment methods such as PayPal, with 100,000 points equaling 1 USD.

How to Cash Out on Money Bingo?

Are you wondering how to cash out on the Money Bingo app? Well, you need to reach $20 to cash out, which you can do by watching 100 videos and being active for 7 days. However, some users have reported issues with their cash balance not matching their wallet balance, so it’s important to be wary of this.

If you want to cash out via the coin wallet, you can redeem 5 million coins for $100, 100 diamonds for $100, or collect 100 Amazon puzzles for $100. You can choose to withdraw the money via PayPal, Paytm, Yandex money, Cash app, Alipay, or PayPay.

If you refer friends to the app, you can exchange a minimum of 500,000 pts for $5 using the same payment methods. Keep in mind that according to the app instructions, it may take up to seven business days (excluding weekends) for the rewards to be sent to you.

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Money Bingo Reviews

Money Bingo review, is Money Bingo legit, Money Bingo reviews
Money Bingo review, is Money Bingo legit, Money Bingo reviews
Money Bingo review, is Money Bingo legit, Money Bingo reviews

Is Money Bingo Legit? Is Money Bingo Scam?

Money Bingo is not legit. Money Bingo, the app that promises cash rewards to its users, is nothing more than a disappointment. Despite claiming that users need to accumulate $20 in winnings to cash out, the app crashes when users try to claim their rewards, setting a new goal of $200 to cash out. Reviews on Google Play show that the game is rigged and makes it almost impossible to fulfill the cash-out requirements.

Playing the game for seven days and watching 100 videos will only lead to more ads and a higher cash-out goal. Even when users meet this goal, they still won’t receive any payment. Instead, the game stops giving out puzzle pieces, leaving users with mostly coins and extra bingo cards that won’t help them claim the prize.

Negative testimonials on Google Play are numerous, with users reporting that they have been stuck at $180 and 95 Amazon vouchers for months.

According to the game’s Terms of Service, Money Bingo is supposed to transfer cash rewards to the user’s bank account or online platform like PayPal. However, the provider explicitly states that they do not guarantee any profits for the user, meaning nobody is entitled to receive a specific reward.

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Final Thought on Money Bingo Review

Money Bingo, with its impressive graphics, provides a relaxing gaming experience. However, there is no proof of the developer offering cash rewards or prizes. The company generates revenue through numerous ads shown during gameplay, but they do not share their profits with users who meet the requirements.

Money Bingo for Android makes grand promises but fails to deliver. If your goal is to win money, we do not recommend this game as there is no evidence of it actually paying out. Although the graphics are decent, the game is plagued with ads.


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