Blitz Games Review: Is It Legit? Can You Earn Real Cash? [Reveal The Truth]

Blitz Games review, is Blitz Games legit, Blitz Games reviews.
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With Blitz Games, you can have 12 mobile games on your phone without filling up the screen or using up your device’s storage. Blitz Games makes mobile gaming easier by providing a single app with all the necessary games you want. Keep reading to discover all the important details about the Blitz Games application.

This Blitz Games review will discuss:

  • What is Blitz Games?
  • How Does Blitz Games Work?
  • How Much Cash You Can Earn on Blitz Games?
  • Games on Blitz Games
  • Is Blitz Games Legit? Is Blitz Games Scam?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Blitz Games. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

What is Blitz Games?

Blitz Games, a popular iOS app, offers a wide selection of fun and trendy games, such as bingo, solitaire, bubble shooter, and more. Users can enjoy unlimited free play and have the opportunity to participate in cash prize tournaments across 12 games.

While Bingo Blitz is currently exclusive to iOS, this recently launched app may expand to other platforms in the near future. It has garnered significant praise on the Apple App Store, boasting an impressive 4.6-star rating based on over 112,000 user reviews. Additionally, Bingo Blitz has secured a spot among the top five real money games on the App Store.

Downloading and playing Blitz Games is completely free, and no in-app purchases are required to access all the games. Players can enjoy the full experience without spending any money and even have the chance to win free bonus cash for participating in cash prize tournaments at no cost.

Developed by VLB, a fresh mobile game developer, Blitz Games aims to create skill-based games that are enjoyable for everyone.

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How Does Blitz Games Work?

1. Download the Blitz Games App

You can freely download the Blitz Games app on any iOS device, offering endless play opportunities and exciting cash prize tournaments at no cost.

2. Choose Your First Game

After installing the app on your device, you can enter the blitz arcade and play any game you want. Select your preferred game and enjoy your first gaming experience!

3. Save Your Account

Once you have gone through game instructions and had some practice matches, it’s advisable to safeguard your account within the application. While not mandatory, it is recommended to ensure the security of your earnings. To save your account, simply tap on your user profile located at the upper right corner of your main screen. Then select the option to save your account. This process will only require a minute or so, and your account will be confirmed using your phone number.

4. Free Practice

Once you’ve secured your account, keep improving your abilities by engaging in free practice sessions and playing games.

5. Play The Games And Collect The Cash

When you’re ready to start playing games for money, you may have to deposit some money to cover the fees required to participate. To do this, click the shopping icon at the bottom of your screen.

If you have already won enough “Blitz Coins,” you can play your first game for cash without paying a joining fee. However, only certain people can play games for cash prizes. You must be at least 18 years old and live in a US state that allows cash prizes for games.

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Currently, people in AR, MT, LA or TN cannot play Blitz Games cash tournaments for money. But, everyone can play free practice games on the app.

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6. Cashout Your Earning

When you want to take out the money you won, you can do it using the app with Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, or any popular card. After that, simply wait for 3-5 business days for the money to appear in your account. If you have any questions about the money you’re waiting to receive, reach out to Blitz at [email protected].

Games on Blitz Games

The Blitz Games application has a collection of 12 casual games that are in high demand, and they can be accessed through one app, which are:

Blitz Games review, is Blitz Games legit, Blitz Games reviews

How Much Cash You Can Earn on Blitz Games?

On Blitz Games, there are limitless opportunities to earn cash winnings. Your earning potential depends on the entry fee you invest in the game.

Engaging in a conventional cash prize tournament on the app involves inherent risk. If you fail to win the game, you will lose your entry fee money. However, triumphing in the tournament allows you to make a profit by winning back your entry fee and more.

Compared to other games, Blitz Games offers a relatively low-risk experience. The highest entry fee for a $15 cash prize is a mere $4. This low-stakes gameplay creates a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere, just as it was intended to be.

Blitz Games was not designed as a side hustle or a means to significantly impact your income. The cash prize tournaments are merely meant to enhance the fun factor. If you enjoy intensifying the competition by vying for small amounts of cash, consider participating in a cash prize tournament! However, it’s important to manage your expectations regarding earnings because this app won’t make you a millionaire. Nevertheless, it can assist you in earning some extra pocket change from time to time.

Below are the prizes and entry fees offered on Blitz Games:

  • Win 100 Blitz Coins as a prize by participating in a free play round with a 60 Blitz Coins entry fee.
  • Get a $2.50 prize by joining a free cash game that requires an 800 Blitz Coins entry fee.
  • Earn a $1 cash prize with a 60-cent entry fee.
  • Take home a $3.80 cash prize by paying a $1 entry fee.
  • Win $4 in cash by entering with a $2.50 fee.
  • Stand a chance to win $15 in cash by paying a $4 entry fee.

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Is Blitz Games Legit? Is Blitz Games Scam? | Blitz Games Review

Blitz Games is a legit app with a large number of active users. It offers cash prize tournaments where participants pay a small entry fee.

The app pays out real money to winners every day. However, if you’re not interested in competing for cash, you can still enjoy unlimited free play using Blitz coins, the in-app currency. By playing for free, you can earn up to 100 Blitz Coins per game. Once you’ve accumulated 800 Blitz Coins, you can enter a cash prize tournament without paying an entry fee.

Blitz Games is a legitimate and highly regarded casual gaming app available on the Appstore. It offers easy-to-learn games, real money opportunities, and more for users of all experience levels.


Blitz Games Review: Is It Legit? Can You Earn Real Cash? [Reveal The Truth]

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