Yepp App Review: Can You Make Money By Creating Meme?

Yepp App Review

If you love to collect meme or edit meme on your mobile phone or computer, why don’t you make money by creating and editing meme? You’ll not only smile and laugh because of the funny meme, but you’ll smile because of the money you earn. In this post. I’ll tell you about the Yepp app review. It is one of the meme apps from which you can make money from.

Yepp app is a platform where you can create funny memes (images, texts, or videos) using their machine learning technology and reward you for sharing your content.

Yepp app is available on Android and iOS since July. It’s a new app however the user is growing rapidly. There are thousands of users from all over the world and 15,000+ discord members.

What is Yepp?

Yepp is a great meme app that pays you for creating, viewing, and sharing memes with your friends. The app offers an endless feed of memes and gives the users opportunity to earn money from creating meme as content.

Yepp app has a system for recommending meme, pictures and videos. On average, the users watch meme for 40 minutes a day. It’s  4 times longer than a similar meme app. This is a great opportunity for meme authors to grow their audience, to get more subscribers.

Yepp is powered by a machine learning algorithm, so the users will be served endless of funny memes on their feeds.

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How Does Yepp App Works?

Yepp app isn’t only a platform for meme collectors to view and collect memes. However, you can also earn extra money from the app. Starting using the app is similar to the common app which are:

  1. Go to Google play if you’re an android user, or go to the Apple store if you’re an iOS user.
  2. Type Yepp app in the search section, and click Install.
  3. Once the Yepp app is installed, choose sign-up menu on the app, and follow the instructions.
  4. Once you sign up on the app, you can set up your profile, and you can start creating and sharing your meme.

You can explore the popular meme, users, and channels by category. Additionally, as a user, you can upload your own photos, or edit from meme the app’s database, and publish them. Since Yepp app launched, there are 10,000+ subscribers and 100,000+ views per day for the popular authors.

How to Make Money on Yepp App?

Yepp app offers 3 methods to earn money on the app, by inviting friends, earning daily rewards, and creating memes. The followings are the details of those three methods:

1. Invite Friends

This method is similar to a referral program. You can earn by sharing your unique link. Invite your friends to use Yepp app by sharing your link. When they click a link to sign up on the Yepp app, you’ll get earn.

Additionally, you can post your link on your social media, or meme community, so your mutuals or followers can see it. The more people join the app by using your link, the more you can earn.

2. Earn Daily Rewards

This daily reward is based on two activities which are your activity and your referrals. The first is earning by being active in the app. This method doesn’t need effort, you just have to be active on the app by using it every day. Also, there is a recurring reward where you can earn daily in-app prizes for each active referral.

3. Create Meme

Yepp app will reward you for 100 views on your created memes. Create as many as a viral meme to earn big in-app prizes. You’ll earn in-app prizes for every 10,000 views on your created meme.

Yepp Features Review

1. Profile Analytics: You can monitor how many people view your published meme and Yepp coins you earned. You can also how many people join Yepp app through your referral link and you can see who visits your profile.

2. ML and OCR Technology: This technology allows users to easily edit meme that you get from your feed or trending templates.

3. Meme analytics: You can monitor how your meme performs from how many views, subscribe and collect. Yepp app will provide you with statistical data about views and money collected.

4. Yepp In-app Studio: You don’t need another complicated visual editor app to edit your meme. Yepp provides a feature to modify and edit your meme. Additionally, there are auto-content suggestions to help you create funny text on the meme.

5. Face Swap: If you find popular memes and want to modify and edit them, you can try this feature. The face swap feature allows you to replace meme with your face, your friend’s face, or any face you want to swap.

6. Endless Smart Feed: Yepp app provides a feature to analyze behavior, actions, text, and image recognition, so their smart algorithm will create a feed base on user interest. This means every individual might have a different feed.

7. Content Quality Monitoring (Duplicate Detection): Yepp app is not allowing cheating acts such as clickbait, duplicating, and stealing memes. So the content from those cheat acts will starve from the views. Additionally, users can detect whether a meme has been uploaded recently by using image recognition software.

Make Money on Yepp App

The app pioneered an innovative revenue-sharing model. Yepp makes money from advertising and distributes the revenue fairly between the platform and its users: 50% of weekly revenue, with at least $1,750 per week. Whereas 30% goes to friends who are invited to the app, 17% goes to creators, and 3% goes to users who just view memes. All income sharing and other analytics are completely transparent and visible in the app.

Yepp App Review & Yepp App Rating

Yepp App Review & Rating
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Yepp app reviews
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Final thought on Yepp App Review

Yepp app is a unique app that allows everyone to earn money from creating, editing, and sharing meme. Because Yepp is built on machine learning technology and is simple and easy to use, anyone can create memes. The features are quite appealing, and the program is worth a try.

Yepp app is completely free to use. Additionally, it is the best meme editor you should use with your friends, family, and coworkers because of its ease of use, numerous features, transparent revenue-sharing, and earning potential. Most of Yepp’s review, it has a good reviews, which means Yepp is not a scam.

However, some users said that the app is wasting time because it needs 10,000 coins for a $10 gift card. While, their memes get 500+ views and likes, but not even about to hit 200 coins.

So you need to be persistent and take time in using the app to get extra money. Just use the app to search and create memes while earning extra money in your spare time.


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