Sweatcoin Review: Get Paid For Walking? [Reveal the Truth]

Sweatcoin Review: Get Paid For Walking? [Reveal the Truth]
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Exercise has become part of activities that cannot be separated from daily. There are various purposes of the exercise, namely to keep the body fit or to reduce weight. There are many exercises that you can adjust to your needs and abilities. You can choose various types of exercise such as running, swimming, walking, Zumba, and more.

However, in reality, many of us are tied to work office jobs, and keeping active can be hard when we don’t have the time or motivation. So you have to find reasons to keep you motivated to exercise. One of the reasons is getting paid by walking. You will earn cash just by exercising. So, you will get two benefits at the same time, staying fit and getting extra money.

Sweatcoin is an app to count your step and track your activity. It converts your steps and activity into rewards that you can spend on sports kits, services, and experiences, or donate to charity.

However, does Sweatcoin really provide rewards as stated? Here is Sweatcoin Review: Get Paid to Walk? [Reveal the Truth]

Sweatcoin Review: Get Paid For Walking? [Reveal the Truth]

What is Sweatcoin? | Sweatcoin Review

Sweatcoin is a free-to-install mobile app that pays you for doing exercises such as walking and running. It’s available on Android, Windows, and iOS.

The app is similar to the tracking step app that you can find on the default app on your Android, iOS, or Windows. However, Sweatcoin rewards you for running or walking. So, that’s the thing that makes it interesting.

You should connect your Sweatcoint account to Google Fit or Apple Fit, so the app can accurately track your daily steps. Sweatcoin is suitable to use while walking and running outdoors or indoors.

How Does Sweatcoin Work? | Sweatcoin Reviews

Sweatcoin will pay you 1 “sweatcoins” for every 1,000 moves performed. Sweatcoin only allows users to purchase goods, services, and experiences from partnered companies or donate the coins to charity.

There are 1000+ choices of goods and services that you can choose from on the Sweatcoin marketplace such as iPhones, Apple watches, high-tech shoes, yoga classes, and more.

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Sweatcoin has free and premium subscriptions. There are some benefits offered by Sweatcoin to premium membership such as you’ll get double coins, a premium marketplace, earning more SWEAT (Sweatcoin crypto), and earning unlimited daily sweatcoins.

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What Does Sweatcoin Offer? | Sweatcoin Reviews

There are 4 ways to get coins, those are walk, referral program, challenges, and daily rewards.
1. Walk

Once you install the Sweatcoin app on your phone and sign up, the first interface you’ll meet is the step counter.

The app will ask you to let the app run in the background of your phone. So, it will automatically count your step.

On the interface of the app, it shows that “1,000 steps generates 1 sweatcoin (minus 5% processing fee)”. It means that you’ll get 0.95 coins for every 1,000 steps. Bumps and shaking will not count as a step.

Bring your phone everywhere you go, the app will count your move as steps. It will help to earn more coins.

When you sign up on Sweatcoin, you will be asked to connect the app to Google Fit. The app can’t count your steps if you’re not connecting it to Google Fit. Google Fit is a platform from Google for health tracking, it’s available for Android.

2. Referral Program

You’ll earn coins by referring to others to join the Sweatcoin app. Sweatcoin will give you 5 points for inviting a friend. Additionally, you’ll get an opportunity to win prizes by inviting friends.

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In January 2023 when I reviewed the app, the prizes are AirPods Max, $50 Airbnb, $25 Amazon, Sweatcoins up to 1,000 and the top prize is iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Based on the statement mentioned on the app, the campaign will be valid from 12th January 20 until 9th February 2023. So after that period, the prize may be different.

3. Challenges

Sweatcoin offers some challenges to join. if you successfully complete the challenge, you will get a number of sweatcoins and there is a special reward for one lucky person. Also, some challenges are Community challenges, that is, when people who join the challenge successfully complete the challenge (group goal), Sweatcoin will make a donation.

One example of a charity challenge is Walk for Safe Drinking Water. The group has to complete 5 billion steps. When the goal is reached, Sweatcoin will make a donation to 1001fontaines. 1001fontaines is NGO that helps unprivileged people from developing countries to get safe drinking water.

4. Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are the simplest way to earn sweatcoins. All you have to do is just click on the “Claim” button every day. Some of the tasks are to watch the ads, and you’ll directly get the coins, as simple as that.

The task of daily reward is so simple and easy. You need only watch ads for less than 3 minutes. This doesn’t really take up a lot of your time, and it requires little effort on your part.

Sweatcoin Reviews
Source: Sweatcoin

How Sweatcoin Pays? | Sweatcoin Reviews

Sweatcoin pays you with “Sweatcoins”, or it can be said as coins. You’ll get 0.95 coins for every 1,000 steps or moves. You’ll receive coins for completing the task, reaching 1,000 steps, or daily rewards. All these coins will accumulate in your account as a balance.

You can redeem products, services, discounts, or experiences which partnered with Sweatcoin. The amount needed to redeem a reward may vary. As long as you have enough coins for the reward you want, you can redeem it directly before it runs out.

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Sweatcoin Review
Source: Sweatcoin

Additionally, Sweatcoin offers a bid program. The product or service is worth a lot. However, you need to win an auction.

Another way to earn is through a referral program. You’ll get coins for inviting people to use the app. As invited people register by using your referral link, you have the opportunity to scratch the prize draw ticket.

Is Sweatcoin Worth It? Is Sweatcoin Legit? | Sweatcoin Reviews

It depends on what you expect to obtain from the app. If you wanna have free stuff, services or experiences, it would be difficult to reach the required coins. However, if you wanna have a discount from its partner, Sweatcoin is worth it to try.

If you wanna get a discount for products, services, or experiences from a Sweatcoin partner, it is a great app. You can get 10 coins in 2 days while the average number of coins required to redeem the discount is 5 coins.

It can be concluded that it’s easy to get so many discounts by letting the app track and count your steps.

However the weakness of the app based on my experience, Sweatcoin drains my phone’s battery. The app is run in the background of my phone, so it can count my steps.

Sweatcoin offers an option to turn on battery-saver mode to overcome that problem. However, I often forgot to open the app when I move, so my steps were not counted.

Is Sweatcoin a Scam? | Sweatcoin Reviews

Sweatcoin isn’t a scam. The app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the Apple app store, while on Google play the rating is 4.1 out of 5. It means that most of the users have a good experience with the app.

You can get discounts, free products, and services, or make a donation. You only need to let the app track and count your steps.

However, if you’re looking for real cash, Sweatcoin will not meet your expectation. You’d better try survey apps or selling feet pictures platforms to get real cash.

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Sweatcoin is the app that will help to encourage you to get moving and the bonus is getting a reward such discount or making charity by doing a donation.

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Final Though: Sweatcoin Reviews

Sweatcoin encourages people to move by giving the rewards such as discounts, free products, services, experiences, and donations.

The app is available worldwide, so anyone can join app. Android and iOS users can freely download the app on their phones.

Sweatcoin is suitable for people who want to get some discounts and make donations without doing a lot of effort. All you need to do is let the app track and count your steps.

However, if you’re expecting to get a free expensive product such as iPhone, you should lower your expectation. It may need several years to reach the required coins.

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