Feetify Review 2024: Is Feetify Legit or a Scam? (Honest Review)

Feetify review
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Hi, welcome to my article “Feetify Review 2024: Is Feetify Legit or a Scam? (Honest Review)”

In this digital era, making money online is a thing a lot of people do. People choose to make money in this way because it is more flexible without having to leave the house and jammed on the highway. Feetify review

Selling feet pictures online is getting hype recently. Many people can make about $5-$100 for every single feet picture. They just need to take feet pictures, and upload these to a dedicated buying and selling feet pictures platform.

There are many selling feet picture platforms, you can choose the platform based on its features. Additionally, you can read the review of any selling feet picture platform to compare which one most suits you.

If you wanna make money by selling feet pictures, this review will help you identify one of the selling feet pics platforms.Fun With Feet review, Fun With Feet legit, FunWithFeet review, FunWithFeet legit

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Feetify. My purpose at FinancialBinder.com is to help you find legit money-making opportunities online by providing information. This review has been researched with information available on the internet. Any conclusion drawn in this post is entirely my own and impartially.

Feetify Review 2023: Is Feetify Legit or a Scam?

Feetify Review | Features Overview

Year of Establishment2019
Main PurposeSelling Feet Pics and Feet Videos
Eligibility criteriaMinimum 18 years or above
Countries AvailableUSA, UK, Australia, and Canada
Premium subscription plan$49 for 6-12 months
Earning Potential$5-$100/Feet Pic
Payout MethodsPaypal, Venmo, Cash App, etc
Rewards ProgramReal Cash rewards + Extended subscription
Applications (app)Not Available
User Ratings4.5/5 on Trust Pilot
Feetify Review: Our OpinionSafe and legit platform for feet pics

What is Feetify?

Feetify is a dedicated selling and buying feet pictures platform. Unlike other common selling feet pics platforms which only allow females as sellers, Feetity allows both males and females to become sellers on the platform.

When this article was published, Feetify has 300,000+ active users. They utilize Feetify as a platform to sell and buy feet pics.

If you’ve read similar platforms to sell and buy feet pics, most of them take a commission from the creators for every feet pic sold. However, Feetify pays 100% to creators for selling feet pics via the platform. Feet picture models are also rewarded with cash every day even if there are no buyers.

How Does Feetify Work? | Feetify Review

To start using Feetify is not difficult. All you have to do is register through the official Feetify website. Feetify does not charge a fee for its users to join.

In addition, you can also register using an alias or pseudonym, if you don’t want your identity to be known by other users.

Once you have registered to the platform and received a confirmation email, then you may start uploading and posting your best feet pictures or videos. To attract more potential buyers, make sure you only post feet pictures with good resolution, not blurry, and good quality.

How to Make Money on Feetify? | Feetify Review

Go to Feetify’s official site (Feetify.com), and find the Sign-in menu at the top-right of the page. Click on it and follow the instruction.

After getting a confirmation notification from Feetify, you can start to make money.

Once your account is ready, you can start uploading your feet pics content to your account.

There are three categories on Feetify namely general, premium, and celebrity. However, if you register as a free seller account, your content is categorized as general.

Premium content is from premium users. The celebrity category is from celebrities.

You can post pics entire of your feet, but don’t post dirty feet. Also, you can upload videos of your feet.

How to Sign up on Feetify | Feetify Review

  • Go to the Feetify official site Feetify.com
  • Find the Sign-up menu at the top-right of the page, and click on it.
  • You’ll be directed to fill out the form as follow. Complete the form and follow the instruction. Feetify will send you an approval notice if you meet the requirements.
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Source: Feetify

How Much is Feetify Premium?

If you feel that the features offered by the general account don’t meet your needs and you want to upgrade your account, then you should know the price first. Feetify has hundreds of potential buyers joining every day, and as a premium seller, you can connect directly with them.

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You have to pay $49 to upgrade your account from a general account to a premium account for 6 months, and the possibility to get 6 months free. Additionally, if you’re a newcomer to buying and selling feet pics business, Feetify will give you access to an ebook as guidance for selling feet pics. The ebook explains how to sell feet pics and guides to platforms that are dedicated to selling feet pics or videos.

Not only those benefits are served by Feetify to the premium accounts. There will be an opportunity to get a monthly cash award for a premium account.

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Who Can Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify?

You must be over 18 years old and come from a country that legalized feet selling pics business. Why should you come from a country that allows the selling feet pictures business? Every country has rules and laws that must be obeyed by its citizens. Sometimes, if a country prohibits something, for example selling feet pictures business, the country will ban dedicated platforms to sell feet pictures. So you must do research on the rules and laws in your country.

Feetify Seller Requirements

Feetify is free to join, but not everyone can register to use the platform and sell their feet pictures.

Feetify set some requirements for everyone who is interested to get money on the platform by selling feet pics. The followings are some conditions set by Feetify:

  • The seller must be at least 18 years old or above. If you try to cheat by manipulating your age, they will ban you once they found it.
  • The sellers are from countries that allow feet pictures selling. It’s not clearly mentioned which countries are allowed to sell feet pics. However, by looking at the active users of Feetify, most of them are from the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. If you’re not from the mentioned countries, you can try directly to the Feetify site and register to make sure.

Feetify Rules For Sellers

There are some rules that are set by Feetify for its sellers, those are:

  • The seller must be 18 years old or older.
  • Only use a real profile picture, not a fake one.
  • Don’t post fake feet pictures to your seller account.
  • Don’t use someone else feet picture that you take from the internet.
  • Only post good quality feet pictures or videos.
  • Don’t put too many watermarks on your feet pics and blurred pics.
  • Don’t upload disgusting pictures which are not related to feet.
  • Don’t spam the buyers with messages to encourage them to buy your feet pictures.
  • Don’t harass the buyers or other users.
  • Don’t put your sensitive personal information such as your email address, payment information, or your real social media account on your profile.

Feetify Seller Reviews on Trustpilot | Feetify Review

Feetify review, Feetify app, is Feetify legit, Feetify reviews, is Feetify scam, is Feetify safe, is Feetify real or fake

Feetify review, Feetify app, is Feetify legit, Feetify reviews, is Feetify scam, is Feetify safe, is Feetify real or fake

Feetify Cash Awards: How to Win $1000-$10k+ Monthly? | Feetify Review

Am I seriously saying that the sellers will get a cash award? Yes, sure! You’re eligible to get a monthly cash award, as long as you’re active and consistent on Feetify.

They will not merely give badges and digital prizes to feet models, but every single month there will be cash awards. The awards are worth around $1,000 to $10,000. Every feet model has opportunities to get rewards that are worth $4, $10, $20, $50, and $100++.

How do they determine it (the winner)? Awarding is wholly based on participation, quality, and consistency of the feet models or sellers. So if you wanna win the cash rewards, try to meet these criteria.

Feetify Premium

Generally, Premium accounts certainly offer features that are superior to free accounts. Feetify provides an opportunity to get a cash reward every month and does not take a commission from selling pics to premium members. Also, there are other benefits that premium members will receive, namely:

  • Feetify helps premium members combat Sugar Daddy Scams with its proprietary system. The system manually tracks and bans the scammers before they reach the sellers.
  • You can upload as many feet pictures or videos as you want without any restrictions.
  • Your uploaded feet pics will always get protected from deletion.
  • You can interact with buyers or other sellers via direct priority messages.
  • You can sell customized feet pictures.
  • Buyers can send you cash gifts just through the platform.
  • You can connect, receive messages and reply to all buyers directly on the platform.
  • All buyers can view your profile and feet pictures or videos.
  • If you have any complaints, issues, or troubles with your account, the Feetify support team will respond fastly.
  • Your profile/pictures can appear on the homepage as “featured”. Having your profile on the homepage will help increase your exposure.
  • Feetify pays the most active and pots good quality pictures/videos every month if no buyer.

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How to Upgrade to Feetify Premium

Following is the way to upgrade to a premium that I captured from the Feetify site.

Feetify review, Feetify app, is Feetify legit, Feetify reviews, is Feetify scam, is Feetify safe, is Feetify real or fake

Feetify accepts cryptocurrency payments using Coinbase or CashApp to ensure its members’ personal information remains private. Through that payment method, no one knows the real name of the member or any personal information.

Is Feetify Legit? | Feetify Review

Feetify has over 250,000+ active users. Also, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot from 302 reviews and it is categorized as Excellent. There are only 10% of reviewers give 3-1 stars. It can be said that Feetify is legit.

Is Feetify Safe? | Feetify Review

Feetify has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot from over 300+ users. To the date this article is released, Feetify has over 250,000+ active users. So, it can be categorized as quite a popular feet-selling and buying platform.

Feetify does not charge a fee for registering as a general account. Also, it let you register with an alias or not a real name, so no one knows who you are, even Feetify.

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It can be concluded that Feetify is safe, as long as you stay alert, do not reveal your identity and any sensitive information to users or other members.

Feetify Pros and Cons | Feetify Review

Feetify ProsFeetify Cons
Free to join for general sellers.Pay 80% of earning for general sellers.
Pay 100% of earning to premium sellers.Sellers have to pay $49 for upgrading to premium account.
Sellers can charge for additional fee for customized pictures.Website interface looks like scam site or online gambling site.
Provide monthly cash reward to most active sellers, with good quality pictures.There is no contact details and about us. So it's make the site suspicious.
Have responsive customer support.
Can register with an alias or not using a real name.
It's globally available, so anyone from any countries can join.
Easy to connect and send message with sellers.

Feetify Alternatives | Feetify Review

There are many similar platforms to sell feet pics. Followings are most popular and recommended platform that you may try:

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