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Realistic ways to make money
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There are many ways to earn money online. So, you can earn money by sitting at home or anywhere you wish. In most methods to earn money online, the tools that you need are a laptop and a good internet connection. Create another source of income and reach your financial freedom. Here are ideas of earn money online legally in 2023.

Ideas of Earn Money Online Legally in 2023

1. Earn Money Online With a Blog

Earning money from blogs is the most popular method. The first thing you need to do is create a basic blog with the topic that you are an expert with or know well. This makes money online idea is such a popular way to get extra money by working from anywhere.

How it works:

Google advertisement, you must connect your blog to Google advertising, they will place ads on your blog. If viewers of your blog interact with the ads, you will get paid.

In affiliate marketing, you will get a commission by placing an affiliate link on your blog

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2. Earn Money Online With YouTube

It is the most popular and familiar source to get money online. You can make a Youtube channel about topics that you are passionate about or familiar with.

How it works:

Youtube will share the revenue of ads that appear in your videos. However, there are conditions that have to be fulfilled. Your channel must reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 of watching time to monetize it.

3. Affiliate

An affiliate program is a popular method to make money among bloggers, YouTubers, or Tiktokers. They can make money by promoting someone else’s product.

How it works:

It is done by promoting the product to others via links. If people click your link and do transactions, you will get a commission.

4. Online Survey

Doing online surveys is not a method to make a lot of money. However, if you would like to make some extra cash while doing your favorite activity such as watching a movie or listening to music, this is the method. One of the legit and credible sites is Clickworker. It has easy steps to register.

How it works:

You should register on a legitimate online survey website. They will offer you some surveys based on the criteria needed. You have to fill in the questions asked. After finished it, you will get rewards such as points, money, or coupons.

5. Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are temporary, task-type jobs of all types, often booked through the Internet. To start it, you do not need any special skills. It could be categorized as an easy and simple job to do. One of the credible and legit micro jobs sites is Clicworker. Clickworker has been established for over 15 years with freelancers over the world. It has easy steps to register.

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6. Forum Posting

Forum posting is an easy way to make money online if you’re good at talking. There are many website owners who hire people to post on their forums so that they appear popular and busy. In doing so, they hope to attract more long-term visitors. Keeping up with their own forums is another problem for most busy website owners, which prevents them from working on other projects.

Various websites offer paid forum posting jobs, so you can sign up for one of them. Following are some sites you can sign up:

Swagbucks: the most popular and best-paid online survey site. TRY SWAGBUCKS FREE.
Freecash: fast & easy to earn money by completing simple tasks. TRY FREECASH FREE.
Ysense: earn cash for completing an online survey. TRY YSENSE FREE.

https://www.paidforumposting.com/ – the website offers forum posting jobs for all nations worldwide. To apply for the job, you must be 18+. You must not experience it, but it is recommended. Able to write and speak English fluently is a must. You should have good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Some freelancing sites are https://www.freelancer.com/, https://www.guru.com/, and https://www.upwork.com/. What you should do next is:

  • Apply for jobs on those sites
  • Respond immediately if you got a notification of an interview
  • Make an agreement (payment and deadline)
  • Get the job done

7. Podcasting

The podcast can be used for information, music, talk show, and storytelling. Nowadays, podcasts can be considered an alternative to television or radio. Because of its practicalness and low cost to produce, it leads to more viewpoints being heard. The benefit of podcasts is can be heard while doing activities like driving, cooking, or jogging.

Starting podcasts needs some essential equipment such as headphones, software to record, and a microphone.

Earning money can be done by doing affiliate or advertising which offers commission directly in your podcast. Another way is by getting sponsorship. Listed below are steps you can take to start podcasting:

  • Put your podcast link on your blog or social media
  • Make content planning and start to record it
  • Create and convert your content into mp3 format
  • Upload your content with proper description to your blog, and social media, or share it with friends

You must be consistent and create the content frequently, so you can build up a listener base and find the sponsorship.

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant should suit you if you have some skills such as social media management, editing, graphic design, administrative duties, or data entry.

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