Atlas Earth Review: Earn Money By Selling Virtual Land? [Read This!]

Atlas Earth Review
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The Metaverse, a trending topic, has led to the emergence of numerous games and programs that leverage this virtual reality concept. Despite its novelty, several applications are already benefiting from the metaverse’s buzz.

With the increasing popularity of blockchain and metaverse, the idea of purchasing virtual land is no longer as outlandish as it once seemed, even though it may have been difficult to comprehend a few years ago.

Atlas Earth is a unique game that allows players to purchase virtual land and earn actual cash. If you’re already familiar with online cash games, you’ve likely heard of Atlas Earth. But, is Atlas Earth a legitimate opportunity or a potential scam?

In this article, we will about Atlas Earth review including “is Atlas Earth legit?, Is Atlas Earth scam”, and more information that you need.

What Is Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth offers a real 3D game-like environment that includes a virtual land ownership mechanic. It’s like a combination of PokemonGo and Monopoly. The app allows users to purchase virtual land plots in a 30×30 size. This virtual reality app mirrors real-world locations and offers one free plot of land upon sign-up.

Atlas Earth is a virtual metaverse where users can purchase virtual real estate, with the option to increase profits by watching ads. The game allows for the purchase of 900 square feet of land for $5, generating approximately $0.04 in yearly revenue. As players acquire more land, they advance in rank to become mayor, governor, or president. The game is location-based, allowing players to acquire new plots of land if they move in real life.

The game is centered around the concept of users buying virtual land with real money, with the opportunity to earn money by renting out their purchased land to other players. However, the game’s overall value is solely based on the buying, selling, and renting of virtual land within the game, which may not have a solid foundation.

Who developed Atlas Earth?

The firm behind the creation of Atlas Earth is NextNav, which launched the app in 2021. The primary motive behind developing this application is to capitalize on the current buzz surrounding the metaverse and the general public’s inclination to embrace novel ideas.

Features Offered By Atlas Earth

Atlas Earth comes with various features such as:

  • Purchase up to 900 sq. ft. of actual land based on real-world locations.
  • Earn profits by holding land for longer periods and enjoy the game’s exciting gameplay.
  • Get free parcels as you progress in the game.
  • Withdraw profits in real USD through PayPal.
  • Expand your virtual real estate by utilizing your rental income.
  • Earn Atlas Bucks for shopping with Atlas Earth’s real-world retail partners.
  • Achieve a badge after reaching 250,000 parcels.
  • Download and install the Atlas Earth app for free on iOS and Android devices.

How Does Atlas Earth Make Money?

Atlas Earth monetizes by selling virtual currency called Atlas Bucks, which can be used to purchase virtual real estate in the game. The cost of one hundred Atlas Bucks is roughly $5, and the more Atlas Bucks you purchase, the cheaper they become.

The game also offers two free Atlas Bucks by watching ads, which Atlas Earth generates revenue from. To acquire enough Atlas Bucks for a land parcel, you must watch 50 ads, but Atlas Earth limits the ads to one per 20 minutes.

Atlas Earth may be using player data to generate revenue, as the game requires location settings to function correctly, allowing players to access more of the virtual map as they explore. This data could potentially be sold to developers interested in expanding the metaverse.

How Does Atlas Earth Work?

Atlas Reality, a reputable company that specializes in mobile game technology, has been integrating real-life and digital interactions for the past four years. Their latest game, Atlas Earth, allows players to experience augmented reality in 3D by walking around their area.

The game allows players to virtually buy their neighbors’ property and grow their virtual real estate empire on real-world land, which can later be flipped and sold for a higher price. Land ownership plays a major role in the game’s future, and players can increase their bragging rights by owning more properties.

The game splits the entire United States into 30ft x 30ft parcels, starting at just $5 each, and offers three ranks based on the amount of land owned: Major, Governor, and President. Players can also purchase rare, epic, or legendary parcels of land, such as the Statue of Liberty, to climb the global leaderboards and become a Tycoon.

The game pays rent in USD, with a standard parcel of land paying $.0000000015 per second, 365 days a year, regardless of the user’s online status. By investing in leveling up their passport or watching an ad every hour, users can increase their earnings by 30 times and climb the global leaderboards to become top landowners or even a Tycoon.

How To Earn Money With Atlas Earth?

Firstly, you can purchase Atlas bucks, the game’s currency, for $5 per 100 bucks. Next, you can buy a plot of land with $5. To make a profit, you can rent out the land and earn $0.04 annually, which is equivalent to a 1% return on investment. It may take some time to recoup your initial investment. However, the company claims that by watching an ad for an hour, you can increase the rent of all your land by 30 times, significantly increasing the potential returns.

Can You Make Money With Atlas Earth? | Is Atlas Earth Worth It?

It’s difficult to determine if Atlas Earth is profitable since it’s a new and unproven platform. The chance to earn money on Atlas Earth depends on factors like the platform’s popularity, virtual land demand, and economic stability.

Remember, all investments carry risks, including investing in Atlas Earth. To minimize risks and maximize benefits, it’s crucial to research the platform, its business model, and potential advantages and disadvantages before investing.

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How to Withdraw Earnings From Atlas Earth?

The official website suggests that PayPal is an accepted payment method for cashing out with a minimum amount of $5. Players have the option to either withdraw or reinvest their funds in the game.

Is Atlas Earth Scam?

If you are searching for a profitable game, then Atlas Earth is not the right investment as the time and effort required to make a marginal profit is not worth it.

Although it is an enjoyable game to explore the metaverse, the game restricts players who have not purchased land. This can decrease its popularity and disadvantage those who have already invested in the in-game land. Therefore, it is not a scam but not a good investment for making money.

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Is Atlas Earth Legit?

Atlas Earth is a legit mobile game that allows you to buy virtual land on Earth and earn rent from it.

However, it’s still in its early development stage, and there are improvements to be made. Investing in virtual real estate is a new trend, and its success is uncertain. It’s advisable to test the game and focus on long-term goals rather than short-term gains.

The game has its flaws, such as lagging issues, and it’s essential to note that you won’t earn money if the app is off unless you have the boost on. But keep in mind that updates are coming, and only time will tell if this trend will become valuable.

Final Thought On Atlas Earth Review

Looking for a legit virtual property game app to earn virtual rent and cash out? Atlas Earth might be what you’re searching for. However, you might be wondering if it’s a scam or not. The good news is that Atlas Earth is a legit app, as we confirm in this article “Atlas Earth Review”. Keep in mind that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a fun game to explore the metaverse. Have you tried Atlas Earth and made money from it? Share your experience in the comments section below!


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