ACX Review: Is ACX Legit? Should You Find Another Alternative [Reveal The Truth!]

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This article is about ACX review including “is ACX legit?, can you make money on ACX?” and more.

Are you interested in earning money by narrating? If so, you may have come across But is this website trustworthy? In this article, we will delve into the authenticity of ACX (ACX.COM) and provide you with valuable insights.

Searching for additional sources of income? Interested in pursuing a career as a narrator? ACX offers a fantastic opportunity for freelancers to narrate various books and earn extra income from the comfort of their homes.

With its popularity in the United States, many individuals are keen to join ACX However, concerns about its legitimacy have arisen. To address these concerns, we present an in-depth review of ACX, aiming to assist our readers in determining whether the website is legitimate or not.

This ACX review will include:

  • What is ACX?
  • How To Make Money On ACX?
  • How To Make Money On ACX?
  • Is ACX Legit or Scam?
  • ACX Reviews | ACX Reviews From Users | ACX Review Complaints

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of ACX. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations

What is ACX?

Audible, a leading audiobook provider, created Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) in 2011 to allow authors to publish their books in audio format. ACX has been working with independent authors for a decade and has a strong presence in the market.

ACX offers freelance narrators the opportunity to find work and earn money by converting books into audiobooks. This online platform is ideal for inexperienced narrators, and it is free to sign up for users in the United States. By joining, narrators can start auditioning without any upfront costs.

ACX’s advantage is its distribution on popular platforms like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, which appeals to many authors.

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How Does ACX Pay?

The website provides three popular payment options for narrators:

  • Flat rate per finished hour: Receive a fixed payment for completing the entire book.
  • Royalty share: Gain a 50% stake in the rights of completed books from the author or rights holder.
  • Combined royalty share and per-finished hour: Get a payment that combines the benefits of both royalty share and per-finished hour.

To begin earning on, simply sign up on the website, acquire the necessary equipment, set it up in a calm and quiet location, and create sample audios.

How To Make Money On ACX?

ACX, the Audiobook Creator Exchange, is a platform that facilitates connections between authors, publishers, agents, and other rights holders with narrators, recording studios, engineers, and producers for the creation of audiobooks.

This marketplace allows you to showcase your voice through uploaded samples, effectively auditioning for narrating opportunities. Payment options include a per-finished-hour rate or a share of royalties from sales, which may be preferable if you believe the book will be successful.

Is ACX Legit or Scam? | ACX review

ACX has a bad rating on Trustpilot, 1.9 out of 5, which is categorized as poor. There are so many negative reviews about the platform. Some of the negative reviews are difficulty navigating the site, the bad customer service experience, the platform refusing to pay royalties, and canceling accounts without good reason.

ACX is part of a big company that is well-known around the world, so the platform should be legit. However, the management still needs so many improvements and you better find another alternative such as Findaway Voices.

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ACX Reviews | ACX Reviews From Users | ACX Review Complaints

ACX review, is ACX legit, ACX reviews
ACX review, is ACX legit, ACX reviews

“It’s a very difficult site to navigate. There is SORT OF a connection with the Amazon site, but I’ve spent a week trying to upload my audio, and I’m ready to give up. The tenuous nature of the link with Amazon makes it impossible to communicate effectively. My book is ready to upload, but they have now made it impossible. I give up.”

“I was locked out of my account, for no reason. The main directive was for me to contact Amazon. I did, although Amazon couldn’t help me because they said they were not connected to ACX’s system. I contact ACX directly and the customer service rep claimed she couldn’t help me with my problem because I didn’t give her the correct billing address to my account. First, I don’t see how I could’ve given her the wrong one, but even if I did (I said, let’s say I misspelled it) she says there’s no other way to get in. Thank God I didn’t have money sitting in my account that I would’ve been losing. This all seemed so random and echos many other people’s reviews that their system & customer services are TRASH and needlessly difficult.”
“Holy socks, what happened to them? They’ve gone to trash when they once were top Audiobook platform. Constantly down or booting you after a few moments while searching open title auditions, that either open to a blank web page, or an error syntax page meaning EXPIRED TITLE. Which is a total waste of time. Whatever. So glad there are other, more affable audiobook sites to work with.”
“A one star because it is not possible to leave no stars. ACX cancel accounts without good reason and even if reinstated refused to pay royalties. They don’t care about contributors and have the worst customer experience of any company that I have ever dealt with. They show disdain to their contributors and hide behind opaque, unethical terms and conditions which they use to falsely penalise decent contributors. I would avoid them if you can. Although badged under Amazon, they are nothing like Amazon. They are very unethical. You have been warned.”


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