Bubble Buzz Review: Is Bubble Buzz Legit or Scam? [Reveal The Truth]

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If you enjoy playing games and want to earn money from it, we have great news for you. Bubble Buzz is an option for gaming enthusiasts who want to get paid for playing games.

Bubble Buzz is a popular bubble-popping arcade game where you have the chance to win real cash prizes by participating in competitive tournaments.

This online bubble shooter game is available for free on compatible iOS devices. You can compete against other players using the in-game currency or by depositing actual money.

Bubble Buzz is a fun and easy-to-play game. The cash feature of the game adds an interesting element, although it’s unfortunate that it’s only available in certain states.

In our Bubble Buzz review, we’ll explain:

  • What is Bubble Buzz?
  • How Does Bubble Buzz Work?
  • How Much Money You Can Get From Bubble Buzz?
  • Is Bubble Buzz Legit?
  • How to Get Started With Bubble Buzz?
  • Does Bubble Buzz Really Pay?
  • Who Can Play Bubble Buzz?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Bubble Buzz. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

I would like to disclose that I hold a stance against all forms of gambling, whether they are conducted offline or online. However, I would like to emphasize that my evaluation of Bubble Buzz is entirely objective and unbiased. The following review reflects my professional evaluation and judgment.

What is Bubble Buzz?

Bubble Buzz is a legitimate game app that allows you to make money. You can download the app on iOS and Android devices. It is completely free to download, and there are no in-app purchases required to play.

Bubble Buzz was created by Avia Games Inc as a simple way to compete in friendly competitions with real people and potentially win some extra cash.

AviaGames, Inc, a mobile games company based in Mountain View, California, developed Bubble Buzz. The app has received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the App Store, with more than 7,000 ratings and reviews.

AviaGames Inc  is known for other popular games such as Solitaire Clash, Bingo Clash, and Fruit Frenzy.

Bubble Buzz is a classic bubble launcher game that offers unlimited free play and cash prize tournaments within the app.

On the Apple App Store, Bubble Buzz has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 8.2 thousand reviews.

Since Bubble Buzz was developed by Avia Games, a leading developer of real money games, you can expect high-quality graphics, attractive visuals, exciting power-ups, and cash prize tournaments available 24/7. The app is also ad-free, allowing you to enjoy game after game of Bubble Buzz without any distractions.

We have compiled all the important information about Bubble Buzz. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know that other mobile game review sites may not mention, so you can decide if Bubble Buzz is the right game for you.

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How Does Bubble Buzz Work?

All Bubble Buzz cash tournaments offer a chance to win real cash. Here’s how they work:

To enter a cash tournament, each participant pays a small fee. These fees make up the prize pool, which is then divided among the top three players. The entry fee is the same for everyone.

Once you’ve paid the fee, you’ll play Bubble Buzz on your own. Each player has their own game, but all players solve identical bubble puzzles.

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After completing the game and submitting your score, the prize pool is automatically distributed among the top players. The winner is determined by the highest score achieved in the shortest time. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three scorers in each round, with higher ranks earning more money.

If you’re playing in a free round, you use gems as your entry fee. Gems are the currency in Bubble Buzz that you can win during practice rounds.

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How Much Money You Can Get From Bubble Buzz?

There is no guarantee of earnings when playing Bubble Buzz. Your skill level and frequency of play are important factors. Bubble Buzz is a legitimate game that rewards skill, not a scam. If you excel at the game, you have a good chance of making money.

Let’s use real game data and our experience to illustrate how much you could potentially earn from Bubble Buzz.

Each Bubble Buzz game has a prize pool that is usually divided among the top three players of each match. The largest prize pool we encountered was $55. In this scenario, the first-place winner would receive $27, the second-place winner would receive $16, and the third-place winner would receive $12. The entry fee for this game mode was $9.

Taking into account the entry fee, the first-place winner would earn $18, the second-place winner would earn $7, and the third-place winner would earn $3. Players who don’t place in the top three would receive no winnings.

Considering each game lasts three minutes, you could potentially play 20 games per hour. If you were to win first place in every game, you could make a profit of $360.

However, the chances of winning every game, especially if you are new to bubble shooters, are likely to be low. We played many games ourselves and didn’t win first place even once, despite having prior experience with bubble shooters.

Considering this, Bubble Buzz is not a reliable way to earn a substantial amount of money in your spare time unless you are exceptionally skilled at the game. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable game and one of several options to explore if you want to learn how to make money when you have limited time available.

Is Bubble Buzz Legit? | Bubble Buzz Review

Bubble Buzz is a legitimate game where you can win real cash by competing against other players. The app has a high rating of 4.8 stars on the Apple app store and more than 14,000 reviews. Many online sources also provide evidence of successful payments from the app.

The Bubble Buzz app is user-friendly and similar to other game apps that offer monetary rewards. It also offers free games, which is a bonus.

However, it’s important to note that participating in tournaments requires spending money, and some players may end up losing more than they earn. As a result, it may not be the best money-making game for everyone, particularly those who don’t want to invest upfront costs.

If you’re comfortable with competition, you can give Bubble Buzz a try. However, if your goal is to make money online without any upfront costs, this app may not be suitable for you.

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How to Get Started With Bubble Buzz?

1. Get the app

You can download it for free on iOS and Samsung devices. Bubble Buzz is free on the Apple app store. You must be 18 or older to download it. Once you have Bubble Buzz, choose your name and picture and do a quick tutorial to learn how it works.

The tutorial only takes a minute or two. After that, you can start playing games for free or for a fee to test your skills!

2. Understand the game and create your account

Once the app is on your device, you will be asked to choose your username and picture (you can change them later). Then, you will go through an in-game tutorial and practice rounds. After completing the tutorials, take a few minutes to register your account. This includes providing your full name, email, and preferred method of cashing out. Registering your account at this stage is not mandatory, but it’s recommended to ensure smooth withdrawals.

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3. Play some free practice rounds

After registering your account, keep practicing your strategy by playing free practice rounds. It’s important to feel confident in your skills before playing for real money.

4. Deposit money for entry fees

When you’re ready to participate in your first cash tournament, make a deposit to cover the entry fees. You can do this by tapping the shopping cart icon at the bottom of your screen.

5. Join your first cash tournament

Once you have paid the entry fees, you’re ready to compete in Bubble Buzz cash prize tournaments and have a chance to win real money.

6. Withdraw your winnings

You can withdraw your Bubble Buzz cash once you have won at least $10. To cash out, tap the withdraw button in your profile. After requesting a withdrawal, you’ll need to wait for your funds to be transferred, usually within three to five business days.

You can cashout out via Apple Pay, PayPal money, Venmo, and Visa credit cards.

How to Play Bubble Buzz?

Bubble Buzz is a game where you shoot bubbles to win money. It tests your aiming, strategy, and speed.

The goal of the game is to burst as many bubbles as possible before time runs out. To burst bubbles, shoot bubbles into groups of the same color. When you shoot a bubble into a group of three or more, they will burst!

Simply touch and swipe your finger on the screen to aim. There is a guide to help you see where your bubble will go. Once you have aimed, lift your finger to shoot!

Make sure to prevent the bubbles from reaching the bottom of the screen. If the bubbles come too close to your shooter, the game will end early.

Does Bubble Buzz Really Pay?

Indeed, Bubble Buzz does provide monetary rewards, enabling you to earn income by participating in its tournaments and achieving high rankings.

Furthermore, the app offers the option to withdraw funds once they reach the $2 threshold, which is a reasonable limit.

However, it is worth noting that there is a possibility of losing more money than you earn, and this is one of the primary reasons why I’m not particularly enthusiastic about apps like Bubble Buzz.

Ultimately, there are numerous legitimate websites and applications available that allow you to earn money without the need to jeopardize your own finances.

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Bubble Buzz Reviews From Users

Bubble Buzz review, is Bubble Buzz legit, Bubble Buzz reviews

Who Can Play Bubble Buzz?

Anyone with an iOS or Samsung device can enjoy Bubble Buzz. No prior experience is necessary to play and succeed on this app. Bubble Buzz is suitable for both beginners and experts. The game’s mechanics are easy to grasp for everyone, while its dynamic levels provide endless challenges and enjoyment.

Although the game’s free levels are open for download and play by anyone, certain criteria must be met to participate in Bubble Buzz’s cash prize tournaments. Participants in cash prize tournaments must be at least 18 years old and reside in an eligible location.

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Please note that cash tournaments are currently unavailable in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, VT. However, anyone can engage in the free practice rounds offered by the app.

If you fulfill the mentioned requirements, you can begin playing and earning real money on Bubble Buzz today!

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Final Thought on Bubble Buzz Reviews

Read my Bubble Buzz review to understand how this app works and its potential to earn money. The gameplay is enjoyable and offers a fresh twist on a classic arcade game.

Bubble Buzz is a fun mobile game that you can play for free or participate in paid games with real money. We appreciate how Bubble Buzz matches you with players of similar skill levels, allowing you to learn the game without constantly losing to superior opponents.

Similar to other games, Bubble Buzz does not guarantee cash prizes for playing. Additionally, some users actually lose money while using this app, which is a drawback.

Ultimately, you must determine if this type of paid gaming app suits your preferences. However, it can be an entertaining way to earn some extra money during your leisure time, particularly if you enjoy bubble shooters.


Bubble Buzz Review: Is Bubble Buzz Legit? or Scam? [Reveal The Truth]

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