Blockolot Review: Is Blockolot Legit? Pay Real Cash? Or Another Scam?

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In this digital era, you might be familiar with mobile game to enjoy your free time. There are many options of app free game with tons of features, pros, and cons. You can easily find type of game such as the puzzle game, solitaire games, bingo games, block puzzle online game and many more money games real money. Also, there are many legit cash game review that you can find on the internet.

If you are looking for legit cash games for cash app, or looking for cash games that are legit. You might have come across Blockolot, a popular money-making game. However, is Blockolot legit?  Here is Blockolot review including Blockolot reviews from users. I hope this article will be real app review that will help before start using the app and find mobile game to play.

This Blocolot review will include:

  • What is Blockolot?
  • How Does Blockolot Work?
  • How to Play Blockolot?
  • Blockolot Features
  • Blockolot Reviews From Users
  • Is Blockolot Legit?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of Blockolot. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

I would like to disclose that I hold a stance against all forms of gambling, whether they are conducted offline or online. However, I would like to emphasize that my evaluation of Blockolot is entirely objective and unbiased. The following review reflects my professional evaluation and judgment.

What is Blockolot?

Blockolot is a free woodblock puzzle iOS game which means you play app on iOS device. Blockolot was Created by AviaGames, it challenges players to strategically place puzzle pieces on a board.

Players receive three puzzle pieces at a time. The main goal is to fill columns, rows, and 3×3 spaces without any gaps. When a section is filled, the pieces disappear, creating space for more.

Points are earned for each vanishing piece. Speed and strategy are crucial. When there’s no room for new pieces, the game ends. The aim is to score as many points as possible within the five-minute timer or before running out of moves.

The game matches players with others of similar skill levels, ensuring a fair competition. Each player solves their own puzzle. Once everyone finishes, scores are automatically calculated, compared, and prizes are given accordingly.

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How Does Blockolot Work?

AviaGames follows a prize pool model where the cash prize is divided among the highest-scoring players. This increases your chances of winning cash when you play Blockolot.

The first and second-place winners receive more than their entry fee, ensuring that the top two scorers make a profit. The third-place scorer only gets a portion of their entry fee back.

Before playing for cash, it’s important to make use of the unlimited free practice rounds available in Blockolot: Win Real Cash. These practice rounds are called “rookie” tournaments in the app, and you can participate by using gems, which is the in-game currency.

Once you consistently rank among the top two players in practice rounds, you’re ready to play for cash. Each game of Blockolot can earn you up to $50, and there’s unlimited earning potential on the app.

How to Play Blockolot?

You can place blocks on the board by dragging them onto it. To remove blocks from the board, you need to fill an entire row, column, or square. If you manage to clear multiple rows, columns, or squares at once, you will earn Combo points. Additionally, collecting energy will activate Frenzy Multiplies, which will multiply your points by five.

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Blockolot Features

1. Free Games

You can enjoy a wide selection of popular games without any cost. These games involve stacking blocks, and they can be accessed whenever you want. The best part is that now you have the opportunity to enter these Block games without spending any money, thanks to the availability of free Diamonds. By simply logging in and taking part in different events within the game, you can earn Diamonds on a daily basis. This allows you to enhance your gaming experience without spend your money.

Furthermore, if you prefer competing against players who possess similar skills and abilities, you can participate in the exciting feature of head-to-head matches. In this mode, you will be paired up with other players who have comparable skill levels, and together you can engage in thrilling Block game battles. As you play, you have the chance to not only have fun but also win cash prizes and other enticing rewards as a result of your skillful gameplay.

2. Tournaments

Engage in thrilling tournaments where you can compete against multiple players in organized brackets, striving to achieve a higher ranking for a chance to claim bigger prizes. With a diverse range of prize pools available, you can select the one that suits your preferences. Prior to entering Solitaire cash games, you have the opportunity to hone your skills through free practice sessions.

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3. Real Players Real Money

Immerse yourself in the world of Block Clash: Win Real Cash, where you’ll face off against genuine players who possess similar skill levels, ensuring fair and enjoyable gameplay. Notably, this dynamic experience allows you to contend for real money rewards.

4. Secure Cashout

Rest assured that cashing out your winnings is a hassle-free and secure process, as we offer the convenience of PayPal, in addition to our partnerships with trusted payment methods like Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. This ensures that both depositing and withdrawing funds are safe and uncomplicated.

5. Win Extra Cash with Mini Games

As an added delight, players have the chance to win extra cash by participating in their mini-games, such as Scratchers, Lucky Wheel (Spin Coin), and other entertaining features. These engaging diversions provide additional rewards and enhance your overall gaming experience.

6. No ads

Experience uninterrupted gameplay without any advertisements to disrupt your flow. Enjoy a seamless and immersive gaming environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the excitement without interruptions from promotional content.

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Blockolot Reviews From Users | Blockolot App Reviews

Blockolot review, is Blockolot legit, Blockolot reviews
Blockolot review, is Blockolot legit, Blockolot reviews

“I’ve had this app for about a month. I love Tetris and this is even better as it doesn’t have stressful music. I cashed out a withdrawal ($70) on a Friday, just got my money deposited this Wednesday morning. 6 days! Much sooner than I thought.” (continue)

(continue) “This game gives you opportunities to win money even if you don’t choose to deposit any. It may take a while building up gens but it’s very plausible. It’s the only money winning app I keep on my phone. I highly recommend it! Fun, fair, and they keep they’re word when they say they’ll pay you.”

“used to love this game – played it every day and really enjoyed it. Lots of fun little side games were a nice little bonus. A while ago they changed from a board with tans and browns to this brightly colored board which took some getting used to but I did get used to it and everything was fine until a couple of days ago.” (continue)

(continue)”The most recent update took away the nine grid layout. At first I thought it was just to make the game more difficult because I was at a high-level – I thought I would have to fill in the corners without the visual cue to remind me with squares were part of the corners – but filling in the corners no longer clears them! The only thing you can clear now is a straight line, either horizontal or vertical.” (continue)

(continue)”It’s horrible and it’s not really fun anymore so I will check back in periodically to see if they decide to change it back but if they don’t, I’m done with what used to be one of my favorite games…”

“I love this game and I’ve been having no problems with it until yesterday and it just will not load at all, it won’t do anything. I have tried everything I can think of to turn my phone off, delete app and then reload it, just nothing is working can somebody please help me??”

“I play Blockolot and other games by Avia Games including Pocket 7. Not only are they a legit company, but a company ran by women which is rare in the industry but very welcome and innovative. Any withdrawal I have done was processed within 3 working days and straight to my PayPal. Thank you ladies at Avia Games. You give young girls someone to look up to.”

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Is Blockolot Legit?

Blockolot is a legit cash game that allows you to earn actual money. The developer is Avia Games, they have developed many popular games such as Bubble Buzz, 8 Ball Strike, Match N Flip, and more popular games.

Blockolot has many positive reviews from users and also has a good rating on the Apple Store which is 4.8 out of 5 from 3,000 reviews and ratings. So, we can conclude that Blokcolot well well-received by users and one of the legit game to consider.

While it may not make you rich or help you pay all your expenses, it can certainly give you enough winnings to buy cups of coffee and buy a meal for dinner.

So, you can consider the Blockolot app as a block puzzle online game to earn extra cash and money games for real money.


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