Word Cube 2 Review: Is Word Cube 2 Legit? [ A Comprehensive Look at the Latest Word Game]

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If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to earn some extra cash, Word Cube 2 might be the perfect game for you. This word game offers real money prizes and pits you against other players in fast-paced, brain-testing tournaments. In this Word Cube 2 review, we’ll take a closer look at the game’s earning potential, gameplay, and pros and cons.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what Word Cube 2 is, how to play, and whether it’s the right fit for you. So, let’s dive right in and see what this game has to offer.

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Key Takeaways

  • Word Cube 2 is a fast-paced word game that offers real money prizes.
  • The game is beginner-friendly and offers a fun user experience.
  • While there are some cons, such as in-app purchases and time pressure, overall, we recommend Word Cube 2 for those who enjoy word games and want to earn some extra cash.

What is Word Cube 2?

Word Cube 2 is a free app that you can get on iPhones and Android phones. It’s like the game Scrabble, where you make words with letters. In this game, you can win real money or in-game rewards. You can compete in cash prize tournaments, where both players have to solve the same word puzzle, or you can practice for free. The game makes sure you play against people of similar skill levels, so it’s fair.

Apart from real cash, you can also earn virtual coins (called z-coins) and tickets. You get z-coins by playing practice games, logging in daily, and referring friends. These coins let you play more practice games and sometimes even enter cash prize tournaments.

Word Cube 2 is a great game for word lovers who want to have fun and earn rewards while playing. It’s fair because it matches you with players at your skill level, and you can win real money or amazing prizes.

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Is Word Cube 2 Legit?

Word Cube 2 is a legitimate app developed by Tether Studios, a company with a proven track record of creating popular apps such as Solitaire Cube, Bubble Cube 2, Cube Cube, and Yatzy Royale.

This app lets you win actual money, sometimes as much as $360,000 in a tournament, and even things like cars and shopping trips. But it’s important to be realistic and not expect it to cover all your bills.

Word Cube 2 can be a fun way to make some extra money for small things like your daily coffee. While you might not win a lot, you could earn some extra cash through the app.

Who Can Play Word Cube 2?

Word Cube 2 is available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users. Android and Samsung users can also get the app from Skillz or the Galaxy Store. However, due to the real money aspect of the game, the app has a rating of 17+ for iOS and 18+ for Android.

If you live in AR, CT, DE, LA, and SD, you will not be able to participate in cash tournaments. However, you can still download the app and play for free. For users outside of these states, cash tournaments are available.

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Word Cube 2 Reviews

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting word game, Word Cube 2 is a great choice. With over 500 reviews on the App Store, this game has an impressive rating of 4.7 stars. Users love the game’s time limit, which adds an extra level of excitement to the gameplay.

Word Cube 2 is also available on the Galaxy Store, where it has a rating of 4.5 stars based on almost 50 user reviews. Overall, it’s clear that Word Cube 2 is a popular choice for word game enthusiasts.

How Do You Play Word Cube 2?


To succeed in Word Cube 2, you need to have a strong vocabulary and quick thinking skills. The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent before the time runs out.

Basic Rules

Playing Word Cube 2 is simple. You need to arrange lettered tiles on the board to form words. The game starts with 2-3 words already in play to give you a head start. During the game, you have five consecutive turns to create as many words as possible. A regular match has a 5-minute time limit to keep the excitement flowing. The match concludes when you’ve completed all five turns or when time runs out.


Word Cube 2 is a fair game. You play against someone else to see who gets the most points. You and your opponent get the same letter tiles in the same order. Even though you might not play at the same time, the game is fair because the starting words and the tile positions are the same for both. The timer keeps going even if you pause the game to make sure things are fair.

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How to Play

Creating Words:

  • Placing Tiles on the Board: Take tiles and put them on the game board.
  • Creating Words: Make words by using the tiles in your hand and the ones already on the board. Each tile has a number at the top right that shows how many points it’s worth.
  • Getting Started: The board begins with some random words on it to help you start.

Special Tiles:

  • Special Tiles: Sometimes, tiles you pick will randomly turn silver. These special tiles are worth 7 points, more than usual.
  • Blank Tiles: There are also blank tiles that can be any letter you want when you place them.

Letter & Word Multipliers:

  • Multipliers: The board has four kinds of tiles that can multiply the points of your letters or words when you put them there. You can learn more about this in the scoring section.

Recalling Tiles:

  • Getting Back Tiles: There’s a button you can press to get all the tiles you placed in a round back into your hand. This is handy if you made a mistake and want to try again.

Shuffling Tiles:

  • Mixing Up Tiles: If you’re stuck and can’t make any words, you can use the shuffle button to change the order of your tiles. This can help you see new ways to make words.

Swapping Tiles:

  • Trading Tiles: If you’re really stuck, you can trade your tiles for new ones. But be careful because this uses up one of your turns. You can trade as many tiles as you need, but it’s best to do it only if you have no other options.

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In Word Cube 2, doing really well usually means getting around 200 points, but if you manage to score 300 or more, it shows you’re really good at the game. Your Word Cube 2 score depends on two main things: Game Score and Time Bonus.

The Game Score comes from how good your words are and if you use special letters or words that boost your points. The points you get for your words depend on the letters you use. Some letters are worth more, up to +10 points.

There are also special spots on the board that can make your score much higher by doubling or even tripling the points for your letters or whole words. You can use these spots together to get the most points possible.

The Time Bonus is another part of your score. You get this bonus based on how fast you finish the game. For every second left when you’re done, you get +0.2 extra points. But remember, it’s not just about being fast; it’s also important to take your time and make smart moves to find the best words.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s fun to play.
  • You play against others in real-time.
  • You have to think and plan your moves.
  • There are four ways to win more points.
  • You can win real money.


  • You might need to buy things in the game.
  • You need the internet to play.
  • You have to finish the game within a time limit.

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How Much Can You Win on Word Cube 2?

Your earnings on Word Cube 2 depend on your skill level and the available prizes. The app offers prizes of up to $300K, but this is difficult to achieve and requires a significant amount of time and money. While some players earn a few dollars per day, it won’t replace a full-time job’s income.

To withdraw your cash earnings, click on the money icon at the top right corner of your screen and follow the instructions provided. You can withdraw money through PayPal or by using the same bank card you used to deposit money.

It’s important to note that the exact amount you can win is dependent on your performance and how often you play. Therefore, it’s essential to practice and improve your skills to increase your chances of winning.

How to Get Started on Word Cube 2

If you’re eager to start playing Word Cube 2, here are the steps you need to follow:

Download the Game

To get started, download Word Cube 2 from the Apple App Store if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. Android users can get it from Skillz, while Samsung users can download it from the Galaxy Store.

Create an Account

You can create an account using your email or continue without signing up. Keep in mind that you may need to create an account to withdraw cash.

Complete Tutorials

The game may offer tutorials to help you understand the gameplay mechanics. Follow these tutorials to get familiar with how to play.

Understand the Interface

Take a moment to explore the game’s interface. Familiarize yourself with the game board, letter tiles, and different buttons available.

Start a Game

Begin your first game by tapping on “Play” or “Start.” You can choose to play against a computer or a real person.

Put Down Letters

Drag and drop the letter tiles onto the board to create words. You can make words going up and down, side to side, or even at an angle.

Say Your Words

Once you’ve made a word, press the “Submit” button to confirm it. The game will figure out how many points you get based on the word’s worth and any special bonuses on the board.

Get Points

You’ll earn points for the words you make, how much they’re worth, and any extras you score.

See Your Score

After the game ends, check your final score and see how well you did compared to your opponent.

Get Prizes

Depending on how you did, you might win rewards like virtual money or things you can use in the game.

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Practice and Get Better

Keep playing to get better at making words and boost your scores.

Join Competitions

Try the game’s tournament mode where you can compete with other players and win more prizes.

Discover More

Take a look at any other cool stuff the game has, like challenges, daily rewards, or leaderboards.

Play Often

The more you play, the more skilled you’ll become. Keep practicing to build your vocabulary and improve your strategy.

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Word Cube 2 Reviews From Users

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Word Cube 2 Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of word games, Word Cube 2 is definitely worth checking out. The game offers exciting gameplay, real-time matches, and stunning graphics that take gameplay to the next level. With four different multipliers available, you can increase your score and improve your chances of winning big prizes.

While in-app purchases are available, they are entirely optional and up to your discretion to participate in. The game provides an opportunity to win amazing cash prizes and other rewards, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to test their skills and potentially earn some extra cash.

Overall, Word Cube 2 is a fun and engaging word game that is easy to pick up but challenging to master. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned word game enthusiast, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and a chance to win big. So why not give it a try and see what kind of prizes you can win?

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