Pogo App Review: Is Pogo App Legit and Pay Real Cash? [Honest Review]

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Are you looking for money making app? You might have come across Pogo app, a popular money-making app. However, is Pogo app legit? or is Pogo app a scam? Here is the Pogo app review including Pogo app reviews from users.

What is Pogo App?

Pogo is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS platforms that serves as a reward app, offering users the opportunity to “earn and save on everything.” The purpose of the app is to enable users to capitalize on their own data by monetizing various aspects of their shopping activities and preferences.

The core concept behind Pogo is to empower users with the ability to gain tangible benefits from their day-to-day transactions and interactions. The app achieves this by allowing users to accumulate points for every transaction they engage in. This could include purchases they make, services they use, or any other financial activities that involve transactions. These points essentially function as a form of virtual currency within the app’s ecosystem.

Moreover, Pogo offers users additional avenues to earn points beyond just transactions. Users can earn points by participating in brief online surveys where they can share their opinions on various topics. This input from users can be valuable to companies looking to gather consumer insights and preferences.

Another unique way users can accumulate points is by sharing their location data. By opting to share their geographical information, users can earn points in return. This approach leverages the data users generate through their smartphones’ GPS capabilities, contributing to the overall value of their engagement with the app.

An interesting aspect of Pogo’s approach is its emphasis on putting control over data back into the hands of users. In a world where data privacy and security are increasingly important, Pogo strives to enable users to retain ownership of their data. If companies or brands wish to access user data for marketing or analytical purposes, they are required to compensate users for that privilege. This philosophy aligns with the broader trend of giving individuals more agency and transparency in how their personal information is used.

For individuals who are fans of reward apps but prefer a more passive approach to earning rewards, the Pogo app provides an attractive solution. By offering a range of methods to earn points, from transactions to surveys to data sharing, Pogo caters to various user preferences and comfort levels. This versatility makes the app a noteworthy option for users who want to benefit from their everyday activities without expending significant effort.

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How Does Pogo App Work?

1. Download Pogo for Android or iOS

The Pogo app is a mobile application available for smartphones running on Android or iOS operating systems. It is designed to help users earn rewards or points through various activities, as described below.

2. Link your bank account to the app

To start using the Pogo app, you need to connect it to your bank account. This allows the app to track your spending, transactions, and other financial activities. Linking your bank account is a necessary step for the app to accurately monitor your purchases and reward you with points.

3. Shop and earn points

After linking your bank account, you can begin earning points by making purchases using the linked account. The app likely monitors your spending patterns and rewards you with points based on the amount you spend. These points can later be redeemed for rewards or benefits.

4. Answer in-app surveys

The Pogo app offers in-app surveys as a way to earn additional points. These surveys could cover various topics and might help companies gather consumer insights. By participating in these surveys, users can accumulate more points.

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5. Shop online with Pogo Boosts

Pogo boosts offer a unique way for users to earn extra cash back when shopping online. Similar to rewards websites like Rakuten, Pogo provides a platform where users can activate a specific merchant’s offer and then make purchases from that merchant’s online store. The process involves the following steps:

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You can start this by activating a particular merchant’s offer on the Pogo platform. This means that you select the merchant you intend to shop from and activate the cash-back offer associated with that merchant.

After activating the offer, you proceed to make purchases from the selected merchant’s online store. It’s important to note that this process is done entirely online.

The unique aspect of Pogo boosts is that users earn cash back on their purchases. This cashback is a percentage of the total amount spent on the merchant’s website. The typical cash back percentage usually ranges from 0.5% to 2% of the total purchase amount.

While the standard cashback percentage is within the 0.5% to 2% range, there are promotional periods where the cashback rate can be much higher. In some cases, the cashback can go up to 5% or even 10% or more, depending on ongoing promotions and special deals.

After making the purchase, the process doesn’t end immediately. There’s a waiting period of up to 90 days before the earned cash back is deposited into the user’s account. During this time, both Pogo and the retailer go through a verification process. They ensure that the purchases are valid and that no returns or cancellations were made that would affect the cash-back amount. Once this verification is complete, the earned cash back is credited to the user’s account.

6. Lower your bills

The Pogo app offers a unique and convenient feature that allows users to compare their monthly bills with those of other service providers. This feature is designed to help users potentially find cheaper quotes and better deals for services like car insurance, internet bills, phone bills, and other types of insurance.

To utilize this feature, users need to sign in to their accounts with various service providers that offer these bills. Once the user has connected their accounts, the Pogo app takes the information from their existing bills and compares them against the rates offered by other providers. The goal is to identify if there are alternative providers offering the same or similar services at a lower cost.

Effectively, the Pogo app serves as an insurance quote and comparison tool, extending beyond just insurance to include other monthly bills. This type of tool is not entirely new, as there are other similar services available online that perform the same function. However, what sets Pogo apart is its unique combination of features that can help users save more money on a monthly basis.

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7. Invite your friends

If you are an existing user of the Pogo app, you can invite someone you know to join the app. When the person you’ve invited signs up for the app and links their card (usually a credit or debit card), both you (the inviter) and the person you invited (the invitee) are eligible for rewards.

As the person who invited someone to join Pogo, you will receive a reward of 250 points. These points are equivalent to $0.25 in value. The points might be a form of virtual currency or credit within the app that can be used for various purposes like making purchases, redeeming rewards, or accessing special features.

The person you invited (the invitee) will also receive a bonus of 250 points upon signing up and successfully linking their card. This reward serves as a welcome gift for them, encouraging them to engage with the app and start using its features.

8. Cash-out

Once you accumulate a certain number of Pogo points, you have the option to cash out. This means you can exchange your earned Pogo points for real-world rewards, specifically, free PayPal money or funds through Venmo.

To be eligible for cashing out, you need to reach a specific number of Pogo points. In this case, you need to earn 3,000 Pogo points to be able to cash out. The value of these 3,000 points is $3.

The requirement of 3,000 points for a $3 cash out is relatively low compared to other reward apps. Many other apps typically require users to accumulate higher amounts, ranging from $5 to $15 or even more, before they can cash out.

The rewards earned in the Pogo app can be converted into free PayPal money or funds sent to your Venmo account.

The provided steps outline how to get started with the Pogo app and how you can earn rewards through various activities like shopping, surveys, referrals, and more. The app essentially aims to leverage users’ spending behavior to provide them with benefits and incentives, while also gathering valuable d

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ata for businesses. Keep in mind that specific features and details might vary based on the actual functionality and policies of the Pogo app.

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Is Pogo App Legit? Is Pogo App Safe? | Pogo App Review

Yes, Pogo app is legit. There are so many positive reviews from users who have received their rewards or cash-out accumulated points via PayPal an Venmo.

Pogo app is secure and safe to use for linking your payment cards. The use of Plaid, a trusted solution, ensures that your financial data remains confidential and encrypted. The widespread adoption of Plaid by reputable financial apps further supports its reliability. The limited data access by Pogo highlights that only transaction-related information is accessible, ensuring your sensitive login credentials are not compromised.

Pogo Reviews From Users


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Pogo App Review: Is Pogo App Legit and Pay Real Cash? [Honest Review]

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