WalkBoost Review, Earn $35 for Walking? Legit or Fake?

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Hi there, money-making enthusiast! Welcome to your WalkBoost Review, Earn $35 for Walking? Legit or Fake?

If you’re looking for apps or platforms to earn extra cash while exercising, you may have come across WalkBoost. Are you curious about WalkBoost, wondering if it’s just another scam or a paid gimmick? If you’ve been burned by numerous disappointing apps in the past, you’re not alone.

But don’t worry, because you’ve landed on the right page. I’m here to provide you with all the information you need about WalkBoost. Read until the end of this blog post, and you’ll discover whether it’s legit or if your time is better spent exploring other options.

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So, without any further ado, here is your WalkBoost Review, Earn $35 for Walking? Legit or Fake?

Please note that I am not a member or an affiliate of WalkBoost. This WalkBoost review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

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What is WalkBoost?

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to stay active and earn a little extra cash. That’s where WalkBoost comes into play. If you haven’t heard about it yet, let me fill you in on this fitness application that promises to count your steps and pay some money in your pocket.

So, what exactly is WalkBoost? Well, the name says it all. It’s a fitness app designed to track your steps and reward you for staying active. Sounds pretty simple, right?

However, before you dive in, let me share my experience and insights with you.

The party behind WalkBoost is a company called SweatWalker, a name that might ring a bell for some of you. Unfortunately, my past experiences with this studio haven’t been the best, and I’m not alone in that sentiment. They’ve previously released another app, Sweat Walker, with a similar concept of paying users for walking.

Spoiler alert, it didn’t deliver on their promises. Based on my personal experience, I have to say that Sweat Walker is far from expectations. It seems like the studio might be using deceptive tactics to grab attention and boost their download numbers.

Trust me; I’ve been there, hoping to earn a little extra by taking steps, only to be disappointed. If you’re wondering whether WalkBoost is a legit app that pays you for your efforts or just another scam, I’d advise you to proceed carefully.

While there are legitimate apps out there that reward you for staying active, my encounters with SweatWalker’s creations lead me to believe that this might not be the one. Stay active, and stay fit, but make sure you choose a platform that values your effort and doesn’t leave you feeling let down.

After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea, or, in this case, plenty of apps on the store. Good luck on your fitness journey!

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How to Get Started With WalkBoost?

So, you’ve decided to boost your walking routine with the WalkBoost app, but the installation and registration process might seem a bit tricky at first. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with a simple step-by-step guide to make the process a breeze.


Find the app on the App Store. Just type on search “WalkBoost”. Once you’ve found the app, installing it is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps:

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  • Download the WalkBoost app from your app store.
  • Open the app after it’s installed.

Registration Not Required

The good news is, that entering the WalkBoost app won’t require any complicated registration process.

Simply open the app and allow the necessary permissions for it to track your physical activity.

That’s it! You’re ready to boost your walking routine without the hassle of filling out forms or creating an account.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have WalkBoost up and running on your phone, ready to enhance your walking experience.

Happy walking!

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How Does WalkBoost Work?

So, you’re probably wondering how WalkBoost works, right? Well, let me tell you, it’s easy. It only requires giving the go-ahead and starting to walk. It’s that simple.

There are no complicated tasks or strict requirements to worry about, and you can forget about trying your luck in games. The only available assignment? To earn bonus money, you only need to report how many glasses of water you drink each day.

Now, if you’re feeling a bit hesitant about handing out permissions, fair enough. There are plenty of other options out there. WalkBoost is essentially a background app quietly draining your battery – not exactly what you signed up for, right?

Compared to other exercise apps, WalkBoost does deal with set targets and allows you to personalize everything. It’s a win-win situation since you get to set the pace and get the benefits at the same time. The prize gets bigger the more steps you take.

Your earnings? They effortlessly slide into your account whenever you hit predefined “goals” or surpass your records. Sure, there’s the age-old option of watching ads to boost your earnings even more, but take it from me – not the wisest move in the playbook.

It might seem tempting, but trust me, I assure you that this is not the path to success.

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WalkBoost Cashout | WalkBoost Review

Are you ready to take control of your earnings? When it comes to receiving your earned money, the power is in your hands. Here’s how you can request your payment through various platforms like PayPal, PayTM, DANA, and more.

The advantage of it all is that you get to decide how you want to receive your payment. PayPal, PayTM, and the options are there, and the decision is entirely yours.

While there might be a general recommendation, the truth is, that it doesn’t matter. It depends on you.

The minimum withdrawal is set at $35, a figure that seems close and realistic. But hold on, is it really what it seems? Let’s reveal the truth behind this seemingly simple number.

So, when you’ve reached the minimum payment threshold – congratulations! This is where the plot gets more complicated. After being placed on a waiting list, nothing further occurs. It’s like waiting for a train that never arrives.

The bitter truth is that it’s all a lie. You reach the minimal payment threshold, but the promised payment never comes to you. It’s an deceptive scam that makes you question the entire process. Your earnings are valuable, and you deserve a transparent and honest process.

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Is WalkBoost Legit? Is WalkBoost Real or Fake? Is WalkBoost a Scam? | WalkBoost Review

If you’re wondering whether WalkBoost is legit or fake, the answer is no. If tracking your daily steps and routine is all you’re seeking, then trust me when I say that using WalkBoost is just a time waster.

To put it simply, this program is meant to profit its creators. Although it may be useful for some users, if you’re looking to make extra money, it will simply take up your valuable time.

It’s time to press the delete button and free up space for applications that give you credit for your work.

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Final Thought – WalkBoost Review: Earn $35 for Walking? (Honest Review)

Let’s explore the reasons why WalkBoost is not a recommended app to earn cash.

1. No Financial Gain:

Let’s make it clear and put it simply. WalkBoost won’t contribute a single penny to your bank account. Its primary goal is to generate revenue for its creator, leaving users with empty pockets. If you’re looking to boost your income, WalkBoost is not the answer.

2. Time is Money:

The hours you spend on WalkBoost could be better invested elsewhere. If you’re seeking financial gains, this app will only lead to frustration.

There are plenty of other options out there that actually reward your time and effort, so why settle for a dead-end app like WalkBoost?

3. Delete and Make Space for the Profitable:

Your phone’s storage is valuable, and WalkBoost is just taking up unnecessary space. By hitting that delete button, you free up room for apps that genuinely pay off. It’s time to declutter and make way for opportunities that align with your financial goals.

4. Explore Profitable Alternatives:

Instead of wasting your time on WalkBoost, why not explore other apps that offer real rewards? There are numerous options available that compensate users for their activities and time. From paid surveys to cashback apps, the possibilities are endless.

5. Your Time, Your Value:

Remember, your time is valuable. Don’t let it slip away on an app that won’t put money in your pocket. Choose apps that recognize your efforts and compensate you accordingly.

You deserve to be rewarded for your time and commitment. If you’re in it for the money, WalkBoost is not the right choice for you.

Take control of your time and opt for apps that align with your financial goals. Your efforts deserve to be rewarded, so don’t settle for anything less.

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WalkBoost Review, Earn $35 for Walking? Legit or Fake?

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