Solitaire Clash Review: Get Real Cash For Playing Game? [Reveal The Truth]

Solitaire Clash review | Is Solitaire Clash legit?
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If you’re skilled at Solitaire, you can use your expertise to earn real money with Solitaire Clash. However, you might be wondering whether the game is legit or a big scam. In this Solitaire Clash review, we’ll explore what Solitaire Clash is, its legitimacy, and the amount of money you can win playing Solitaire Clash. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the game is worth it.

Solitaire Clash is a popular online Solitaire game that is free to play on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It allows you to engage in multiplayer games with other players, where you can earn virtual currency or enter real cash tournaments to win actual money.

However, cash tournaments are only available in certain locations and usually require you to make a deposit. To determine whether this app is worth your leisure time, check out this Solitaire Clash review and learn about its features.

What is Solitaire Clash?

Solitaire Clash is a legitimate mobile game application, which is available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store and Android devices through the Galaxy Store or download link on the Solitaire Clash website.

However, the app is not currently accessible on the Google Play Store. AviaGames Inc., a mobile gaming company founded by Ping Wang and Vickie Chen in 2017, created Solitaire Clash. The company, based in Mountain View, California, is responsible for developing other popular games like Bingo Clash, Fruit Frenzy, and Bubble Shot.

Solitaire Clash has an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the App Store, with over 95,000 ratings and reviews.

This app provides cash and gift card rewards to winners, making it highly addictive for those who enjoy mobile gaming or card games. If you’re looking for a new addiction, maybe this game is worth checking out.

Who is Solitaire Clash for?

Solitaire Clash is a game app that resembles classic solitaire and can be played by gamers aged 17 and above who aim to earn additional money.

This game has the same rules as classic solitaire, making it easy for those familiar with the game. Even those who lack experience with solitaire can enjoy this app.

Solitaire Clash is a game that is simple to understand but challenging to excel at. It constantly challenges you, allowing you to develop advanced solitaire skills.

This app is designed for everyone to enjoy and is a great choice for those seeking fun and could also earn them some extra cash.

How Much Can You Earn From Solitaire Clash?

Solitaire Clash is a mobile app and skill-based game that offers cash prizes, making it a fun activity to do in your free time and win cash prizes. However, it’s unlikely to be a primary source of income since there is no guarantee that you’ll win money.

The game matches you against players of similar skill levels, with only the best players receiving the largest payouts. While Solitaire Clash offers a range of cash prizes, it may not be worth the effort as a full-time side hustle unless you’re highly skilled.

Gamers of all skill levels can join games with cash prize pools ranging from $5 to $55, with entry fees ranging from 60 cents to $9. New players can start with smaller prize pools, while experienced ones can win over $100 in just a few games. Nonetheless, it’s best to keep your day job and play Solitaire Clash for some extra cash.

Who Can Play Solitaire Clash?

To play the Solitaire Clash game, you must have 17 years old or above. If you are a fan of online Solitaire, specifically Klondike Solitaire, Solitaire Clash is a great choice for you. You can play for free and challenge other players without any deposit.

For those who want to win real money while playing online card games, Solitaire Clash may be a good option. However, keep in mind that cash games are not permitted in certain US states such as:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont

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Is Solitaire Clash Legit? | Solitaire Clash Review

Solitaire Clash, a competitive cash game app by Avia Games, is a popular game app that allows you to earn real money. Prior to downloading the app, people often search for its legitimacy and whether it’s a scam or not.

Some aspects to consider when determining if an app like Solitaire Clash is a scam are:

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  • Does the app or website offer unrealistic promises of earning large amounts of money quickly or something “too good to be true”?
  • Is the founder or developer trusted or credible?
  • Can the app or website be trusted with upfront payment or personal information?
  • The age of apps or platforms.
  • App’s rating from users.
  • Are there any red flags or negative reviews from other users?

Solitaire Clash has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from about 95.000 users. The game is developed by AviaGames, a popular developer which has developed popular games such as Bingo Clash, Pocket7Games, Bubble Flow, Blockolot, Match N Flip, and more. From its rating and developer’s popularity, it can indicate Solitaire Clash is legit.

When it comes to fraudulent apps, they typically lure users in by displaying huge payouts for basic tasks while excluding any multiplayer components. However, in this particular game, earning money is a gradual process, except for those who excel at playing solitaire. The game’s main focus is centered around multiplayer battles.

The next factor to consider is the age of the game, the duration of its existence is worth considering. If the application was fraudulent, Apple would likely have removed it from the App Store promptly or eventually. However, the fact that the game has been available on the store for a considerable amount of time indicates that it is not going to be taken down anytime soon.

I found some frustrating comments from the players who express frustration over the challenge of making money in this game due to the high level of competition. The game attracts a significant number of older players who are experienced in playing solitaire both in person and on various other applications, resulting in a very competitive audience.

Is it challenging to make money in this game? Yes, but this can actually make the game more legitimate. Free mobile games that appear too easy to earn money are likely to be scams.

Based on some aspects mentioned, we can conclude that Solitaire Clash is legit and not a scam. Furthermore, Solitaire Clash is free to register, they won’t ask for upfront payment.


Solitaire Clash Review: Get Real Cash For Playing Game? [Reveal The Truth]

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