How Much is Six Figures? How to make it with and without a degree?

how much is six figures
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Recently, the term six figures become more popular. Many people refer to the salary they earn by the number of figures. Many people will talk about six figures somehow, whether it’s the amount of money they earn or their net worth. But, what is six figures actually mean? This post will discuss in detail how much is six figures.

What is Six Figures? How to make it with and without a degree?

What is six figures?

The term figure is simply a single digit, which is commonly known as a number. Numbers are made up of digits, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. When someone uses the term “figure”, they are usually referring to their annual salary or net worth. So it can be interpreted that 6 figures are salaries with a nominal 6 digits.

How much is six figures?

Any career earning $100,000 -$999,000 a year but not over a million dollars is considered to have a 6 figure salary. Considering a 6 figure income, you can see the range is quite wide. There are many who earn that amount from their single job, and then there are many who make more than this by working hard in different careers. This is to say, if you can’t afford college or don’t want to go to college, you can do various other things such as side gigs, working from home or you can work part-time.

What jobs earn six figures?

A 6 figure salary is certainly very tempting. When we hear this, we might think of a full-time salary with a professional degree that requires higher education and certification. The followings are some of the most common six-figure careers and their mean annual wage that requires a college or professional degree:

  1. Construction manager: $101,000; education needed: bachelor’s degree
  2. Commercial Airline Pilot: $121,000; education needed: bachelor’s degree and specialized training
  3. Financial Advisor: $124,000; education needed: bachelor’s degree and license
  4. Dentist: $180,000; education needed: Doctoral or professional degree
  5. IT Manager: $150,000; education needed: bachelor’s degree
  6. Operations Manager: $124,000; education needed: bachelor’s degree
  7. Actuary: $103,000; education needed: bachelor’s degree
  8. Lawyer: $147,000; education needed: Doctoral or professional degree
  9. Education Administrator: $108,000; needed: master’s degree.
  10. Physicians and Surgeon: $214,700: education needed: Doctoral or professional degree.
  11. Financial Manager: $143,530; education needed: bachelor’s degree.
  12. Chief Executives: $200,140; education needed: bachelor’s degree.
  13. Aeronautical engineer: $102,277; education needed: bachelor’s degree.
  14. Product Manager: $102,481; education needed: bachelor’s degree.
  15. Software Engineer: $105,232; education needed: bachelor’s degree.

These professionals make a lot of money, but they are not the only way to achieve six figures career. In recent years, with the help of the internet, many entrepreneurs are able to earn a considerable income without years of schooling. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean you must choose from just these high-paying careers.

How to achieve six figures without a college or professional degree?

Getting good grades, graduating, and landing a rewarding job is the key to success. Although this method often works, however, it’s not the only way to financial freedom. Even with a high school diploma, you can achieve this goal. The following are tips you can take to reach a six figures salary:

  • Building up your skillset. As soon as you feel confident enough to make a change, do so! Don’t wait for someone else to promote you or for an opportunity to come knocking at your door. You’re better off being proactive than waiting for things to happen on their own
  • Get certification or training to verify your legitimacy and competence to perform a job.
  • Gain experience and don’t expect a high salary when you start out in your career in the industry.
  • Build a network to develop your career and get professional benefits.

Six-figure jobs without a degree

There are lots of jobs you can do without a degree that earns six figures. But if you do it without passion, will you stick to it for a long time? If you can’t stick to it and do it in earnest then it’s difficult to achieve a six-figure salary. So find your passion, then look for needs and demands that are related to your passion. Stick to them, be an expert, and earn six-figure even more salary.

Today there are many jobs you can do without a degree. One of them is a job in the IT sector. You can take part in boot camps and internships to meet job requirements. As time goes by as your skills increase, your salary can also increase. But it’s not just work in the IT field that can get you to a six-figure. Listed below are a few job ideas that potentially can earn you six figures range per year without a college degree (source: indeed):

  1. A senior real estate manager: $108,219 per year
  2. Technical program manager: $115,507 per year
  3. Computer network architect: $125,489 per year
  4. Owner-operator driver: $143,578 per year
  5. Senior engagement manager: $145,600 per year

Final thoughts

There are plenty of works that potentially pay six figures without a degree. For example Youtube, blogging, affiliate marketing, content writing, and more. However, only a few percent of each of those jobs can achieve a six-figure salary. Only about 10% of affiliate marketers who succeeds achieve six figures salary. So, you can choose any job that potentially makes a six-figure salary with full of consistency and earnestly.

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