How to Make Money as Super New Blogger

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Are you a new blogger with less than 6 months from the launch date? Do you want to start making money with your new blog that has low traffic? The most popular way to make money on a blog is by registering for Google ads. However, Google ads have some requirements to fulfill that is should have 15-30 blog posts with a minimum length of 500-600 words. Increasing the length will increase your chances of getting approved by Google Adsense. Your blog domain must have at least 6 months. You should use the root domain for example “” not “”. Those are just several of Google AdSense’s requirements.  In conclusion that a new blogger with less than 6 months has a high possibility to be rejected.

This post will tell you the alternatives to make money with your new blog. So you don’t need to wait until six months later to get money from your blog, even, the first-month blogger can. Here are the ways to make money on your new blog:

Amazon Associates (Amazon affiliate program)

Amazon is the largest retailer with over 12 million products. Amazon offers an affiliate program to market its products. It’s a good opportunity for bloggers to monetize their blogs by promoting Amazon products.

You can easily sign in to the program without any penny to pay. You will receive a commission for every transaction through your affiliate link. The range of commission is around 1% – 20%. The program is ideal for bloggers because they have such a wide range of product categories, so you have tons of options.

How does Amazon associate work? 

When you sign up for the program. You’ll get the unique link for products that you want to promote. That link will direct your visitor to when they click on the link. will give you a commission if the visitor purchases the product. The commission is based on the percentage of the product price and categories.

However, what if the visitor (buyer) closes the tab without purchasing any product? You still have a commission opportunity until 24 hours for them to go back and do a transaction. Furthermore, if a buyer just adds the product to the shopping chat, you still have a commission opportunity (usually 90 days) until they make payment for the product.


Fiverr is most popular platform among freelancers. It’s space for freelancers to market their services. Otherwise, it’s space for users to seek services for their needs. Did you know that Fiverr also has an affiliate program? I’ll tell you in this post.

Fiverr has an affiliate program that are use marketing software such as affiliate networks (FlexOffers, CJ affiliate, Awin, and PartnerStack). Here are details of the Fiverr affiliate program:

  • Cost per action (CPA) means cost per sale
  • The commission rate is up to $150
  • Cookie duration is 30 days
  • The payout threshold is $100 / $50
  • The payment methods are PayPal and a bank account

How Does Fiverr Affiliate Works?

You can promote all of Fiverr’s services such as Fiver, Fiver Business, Fiver Pro, and Learn from Fiverr. The followings are some current commissions offered by Fiverr:

  • CPA Commission. The commission is about $15% -150 for Fiver services such as writing or video creation.
  • A fixed CPA. $10 per first-time purchase and a revenue share of 10% for a 12-month period
  • Fiverr Learn. 30% of every course purchase.
  • Fiver Workspace. Get a 50% commission for the Unlimited plan.
  • Fiver Business. Obtain a $100 CPA once the account spends $100 plus a 10% Revenue Share for 12 months.


Infolinks is an advertising platform as an alternative to Google AdSense. Infolinks don’t have minimum traffic, so every new blogger can register without waiting for 6 months.  The Publishers’ revenue share is 70%. It’s bigger than Google AdSense. So don’t miss the opportunity to monetize your newborn blog.

How to get started with Infolinks?

Publishers or bloggers are signed up to Info link. Filling out the form given by Infolinks. The form is about information about personal and website. After completing the form, they will send an acknowledgment email. They’ll ask you to wait about 48 hours to review the blog or site. After 48 hours, they’ll inform you whether accepted or rejected.

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