Lucky Step Tracker Review – Earn $30 for Tracking Your Steps? (Warning!)

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Hi there, money-making app enthusiast! Welcome to my article Lucky Step Tracker Review – Earn $30 for Tracking Your Steps? (Warning!)

You might have come to Lucky Step Tracker and wondered about its making money claim. You might be tired of step-tracking apps that offer little more than virtual badges and trophies. This app promises to reward you with real cash for every step you take. But before you download it, you should do deep research to determine whether Lucky Step Tracker is worth your time or not.

It’s normal for doubts to arise in your mind about applications that promise rewards. Because there are so many applications that fail to fulfill their promises, which ends up wasting your time. In this Lucky Step Tracker review, I’ll help you to answer some questions such as is Lucky Step Tracker legit or scam? is Lucky Step Tracker safe?is Lucky Step Tracker real or fake? does Lucky Step Tracker pay real money?

It’s important to approach this new app with a critical mindset. So without any further ado, here is Lucky Step Tracker Review – Earn $30 for Tracking Your Steps? (Warning!)

Please note that I am not a member or an affiliate of Lucky Step Tracker. This Lucky Step Tracker review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

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What is Lucky Step Tracker?

Lucky Step Tracker is a mobile application that rewards you for your physical activity. If you are familiar with Sweatcoin, WalkBoost, StepWin, and Trek Tally, you may imagine how this app is. It functions as a step counter, using your phone’s sensors to track your movements and convert them into coins. These coins can be exchanged for cash, making it an enticing concept for those looking to earn money while staying active.

Lucky Step Tracker by Qixingxing is available worldwide with a payout threshold is $30. The app has already amassed over 50K users on the Play Store, although being in Early Access means that users cannot share their experiences.

How Does Lucky Step Tracker Work?

Lucky Step Tracker is a step counter app that claims to reward users for walking. However, it has been discovered that the app contains malware, which is a significant threat to your device and personal security. In this section, we will discuss the workings of Lucky Step Tracker and why it should be avoided at all costs.

Lucky Step Tracker is advertised as a simple pedometer app that rewards users for walking. However, in the version that was examined, no rewards or coins were provided. The app also does not use advertisements to monetize itself, which is suspicious. Typically, apps have some form of monetization through ads or in-app purchases. The absence of any visible monetization strategy makes it very suspicious. It seems the primary purpose of this app might be to install malware on users’ phones for nefarious reasons.

Is Lucky Step Tracker Legit or Scam? | Lucky Step Tracker Review

Lucky Step Tracker is not a legit-making-money app. Once I installed it, a warning about malware appeared on my phone. You should avoid it due to the app potentially harms your mobile phone. Always scan your mobile phone before installing new applications.

I suggest you find other proven safe making money apps rather than harm your phone with an early access app. You can find a list of legit making money apps on the “Apps and Websites Review” menu.

Is Lucky Step Tracker Safe? | Lucky Step Tracker Review

Upon installing Lucky Step Tracker on an Android device, it was discovered that the app contained malware. Malware, or malicious software, is designed to harm, exploit, or otherwise maliciously affect your computer or device. It comes in various forms, like viruses, worms, spyware, and ransomware. The potential consequences of malware infection are severe, including data theft, device damage, unauthorized access, and hidden operations. Malware can linger and continue to affect your device even after the app is gone. Therefore, it is crucial to scan your device for malware and remove it immediately.

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Is Lucky Step Tracker Real or Fake? | Lucky Step Tracker Review


Lucky Step Tracker is a dangerous app that should be avoided at all costs. It promises to turn your steps into cash, but instead, it contains malware that can harm your device and compromise your personal security. Uninstall the app immediately, scan and protect your device with a robust antivirus, and educate yourself about the latest digital threats. Don’t believe in easy money schemes that promise quick profits with little effort. Stay informed and regularly update your device’s security. Remember, no amount of potential cash reward is worth the risk of malware infection.

Thank you for reading the Lucky Step Tracker review. Take a look at more making money app reviews on the “Apps and Websites Review” menu. Good luck on your journey to find making money app!

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Lucky Step Tracker Review – Earn $30 for Tracking Your Steps? (Warning!)

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